KYBU Meeting

Library Community Room

10/14/14 – 5:00pm

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Attendees: Emily, Max, Mario, Lew and Mary Jane



New People/New Shows


Holly and Huffman

December Party


New People/New Shows: Mario is interested in doing a show, so Emily, Max and Lew filled him in and offered support.

Equipment: A discussion was held about the equipment we need to buy, including backup generator and transmitter equipment, propane tank, and keycard. The backup equipment and generator are high priority. Lew wants to get with another contractor to help figure things out. Mario and Max are willing to help trench. It was suggested that Mario work on finding a costume maker for a raven suit. We eventually will purchase and install a keycard and accountability system (cost is about $2,000). Emily is still working on the financials, but we should be able to purchase the backup equipment. Per Max, we should get the 150 watt transmitter for around $800.

Holly and Huffman: Lew will conduct live interviews with Holly tonight and Huffman tomorrow. Several questions were forwarded for these interviews. Lew will record the interviews.

December Party: The December 6 party date has been changed due to a conflict with M&M’s annual party. The new date KYBU anniversary party date is December 13, which is a special date because it’s 12-13-14. Lew recalled that the first song we played on air was “Johnny Be Good”. Lew left a message with Fox about the party date change to see if the band can still come.

Halloween: KYBU will be celebrating Halloween at the station and handing out candy on Friday, October 31. We would like a caldron with dry ice, hay bales, orange lights, and other decorations. It would be great to have some KYBU volunteers in costume to help out. Last year, our fortune teller Dixie was a great hit with kids. Mario and Mary Jane are willing to help decorate after next week’s meeting. Bring your decorations and help, too, on Tuesday, October 21. This is fun and good PR.

10/14/14 KYBU Meeting Notes