KYBU Meeting

Library Community Room

10/21/14 – 5:00pm

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Attendees: Emily, Max, Mary Jane, Kramer, Lew, Dixie, and Mario



New People/New Shows


Friday Football

December Party



Computer Documents

New People/New Shows: Lew has a friend Andy who has archived all his blues and would like to put together playlists and send some demos to Lew. He would need to add our station ID.

Halloween: Max will pick up Halloween candy for Friday’s event, Mario will decorate the studio right after the meeting, Dixie and Mary Jane will hand out candy. Other KYBU volunteers are welcome to come in costume and participate. We need hay bales (depends on the weather). We would like to broadcast War of the Worlds at 8pm. A brief discussion was held about having a cauldron and dry ice.

Friday Football: Kramer will help Lew with the game broadcast starting at 7pm. Sometimes the stream will drop off from iTunes.

December Party: Emily will ask Joey to design a new long-sleeved shirt. She is still working on the financials. Lew is assuming Fox is coming. It was suggested that later on we could do different shirts for events. We need a liquor license. Denny and Izzy may do the food in exchange for underwriting.

Workshop: Sunday will be our last workshop for the year. Emily will send out a newsletter.

Equipment: Lew will forward our backup equipment wish list for Mary Jane to follow up on a referral by Steve Francis to the Mendocino County Health & Human Services Agency contact who could help provide emergency prep equipment for us (Tami Bartolomei, OES coordinator – 463-5667).

Per Max, today we bought a 150-watt backup transmitter for $915 plus $40 shipping (including XLR inputs and mono broadcasts).

Computer Documents: Emily will put the Programmers Guide and other computer documents on our KYBU computer for Lew and others to pull up and print out as needed.

10/21/14 KYBU Meeting Notes