KYBU Meeting

Library Community Room

11/25/14 – 5:00pm

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Attendees: Emily, Ryan, Jay, Clive, Marie, Lew, and Mary Jane



New People/New Shows

Programmers Meeting 12/2

Party 12-13-14

KMUD Tribal Elections

Bill Cosby Comedy


New People/New Shows: Marie will return next year and wants to do music once or twice a week, including French music. Emily will email Marie some helpful documents.

Max paid Radio Free Berkeley and will follow up on it.

WE need to move some shows, including the Les Paul Show.

Max asked people to listen to California Weekly Climate and Commonwealth Club. We can put them on but should listen to them first and decide.

Programmers Meeting: Emily sent out an email for the 12/2/14 programmers meeting at 6pm. Please pass the word. The Truckers parade will be held on 12/12/14. Emily will bring a volunteer list for the 12/13/14 members party   Ryan will search online for two new office chairs for about $150 each to replace a couple of the old chairs.

Party 12-13-14:   Per Emily, party posters are up. Postcards will be mailed tonight. Membership signups will be at the door. The Sheriff has the liquor license. Robert DJ will be Santa. We will have a fire and stockings, a raffle. We’ll need to decorate and set up at 4pm. We need volunteers to help with decorating and obtaining raffle items.

KMUD Tribal Elections: We received an email from Christina at KMUD. Mary Jane will ask Eric (our liaison) about whether to announce the election results after the next election like we did the first election.

Bill Cosby Comedy: Our comedy in general needs work, and we need more comedy. There was a discussion held about keeping only the best comedy. Ryan has three albums of Richard Pryor.

Merch@mercantile: Per Max, Lynette wants to sell KYBU shirts. Emily thinks we have enough shirts for the December party. We need to buy more with a new design and a more types, including long-sleeved. We could have a new-design contest.

11/25/14 KYBU Meeting Notes