KYBU Meeting

Library Community Room

1/13/15 – 5:00pm

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Attendees:  Sharon, Jay, Lew, Max, Emily, Dixie, Clive, and Mary Jane



New People/New Shows

Bulletin Board







Backup Transmitter


New People/New Shows: Jay is working on a new series for the Almanac show.  He asked about whether it would be better to record on a computer, recorder, or in the studio and would like to work with his son editing his black history shows.

Emily would like to check on some of the people who were interested in making a show, such as Suzanne, Bob, Mario, Mickey, Brittany and James, and Blair.  Lew and Emily will contact them and invite them to our next workshop.

A brief discussion was held about the Bioneers (Revolution from the Heart of Nature), Ted Talks, and other shows.  Lew would like to see more locally-produced shows.

Bulletin Board:  Sharon will cover weeks of January 19, 26, and February 9 and will contact Sandy about covering weeks of February 16, 23, and March 2 as Sharon will be gone for three weeks.

AAHP:  Weather permitting (it may rain), we will go out to pick up litter Saturday, January 17.  Meet at the coffee shop at 10am.  Emily will send out an email inviting volunteers.

T-Shirts:  Per Emily, we need to order more.  We are thinking of having a contest for a new design with a March 1st deadline.

Workshop:  Emily will bring scripts to re-do.  Bring recorders and meet at the Library Commons on Sunday, January 25, at 10am.

Autoduck:  Per Lew, the first tract is music and the second tract is voice.  Autoduck automatically lowers the music volume during the voice portions.  This works well, and the volume is adjustable.  We could practice this at a workshop.

EERP:  Lew talked with Pat of the Eel River Recovery Project about doing a short weekly report of what’s happening in the River.  It would be no more than ten minutes and pretty consistent in length and would play at 7:15am and again at 9:15am.  Emily will set him up with a user name and password and email that to Lew.  We need a PSA for the show.

Backup Transmitter:  The backup transmitter has finally arrived and needs to be tested, which can be done after the workshop (around 1pm).

Basketball:  We will cover two games next week that start at 5:30pm, so Lew needs someone in the studio at 5:20pm.  The person only needs to stay about ten minutes.

1/13/15 KYBU Meeting