KYBU Meeting

Library Community Room

11/4/14 – 5:00pm

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Attendees:  Emily, Jay, Lew, Clive, Max, and Mary Jane



New People/New Shows


Dec. 13th Party



Outside Speaker

Hook and Anchor Band

Covelo 50th Anniversary

New People/New Shows:  Max added more bands (Beck & Flaming Lips) to the Radio Head automation playlist.  He may also add Zappa in. We need a lot more country songs.  Lew will try to get them.

Halloween:  Mike’s Halloween show was excellent.  Daniel brought hay bales and gourds.  Dixie and Mary Jane had a good time handing out candy to a lot of children and some adults.  Per Max, “War of the Worlds” didn’t play for some reason.

December 13th Party:  Fox contacted Lew to say he can come and asked about promo.  They are rated number one blues band in Oakland.  We will mail out postcards at the November 18th meeting.  Denny can’t do the food.  We are considering just doing appetizers and desserts.  Emily will ask Izzy what she thinks.  On Friday, Lew will ask the Friends about the liquor license.

AAHP:  Weather permitting, we will clean up on this coming Saturday.  Lew can’t help since he got hurt working.  Emily will announce the cleanup and let Mario know.

PSAs:  Some active PSAs need to be reviewed as to whether they should come down, and others should be added including, but not limited to, First 5 Mendocino, 26 seconds stay in school.  Emily and Clive will work on this.

Speaker:  The outside speaker is now on a timer to shut off from 2am to 6am as requested by a neighbor.

Hook and Anchor Band:  This band from Oregon will be playing at the North Fork Café on Saturday, November 22.  Emily will put some songs on a thumb drive and some information for DJs to read.  Emily highly recommends this band and we should tell everyone to come.

Covelo 50th Anniversary:  Per Lew, the end of December is the 50th anniversary of Covelo being cut off from the world when the bridges washed out in 1964.  Bill Cull could do a clip of interviews of local people responding to the questions “What were you doing then?” and “What do you remember about that time?”  Max and Lew will encourage Bill on this.

11/4/14 KYBU Meeting Notes