KYBU Meeting

Library Community Room

12/2/14 – 5:00pm

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Attendees: Max, Russ, Emily, Eric, Dixie, Ryan, Jay, Lew, Mary Jane, Blair, Daniel, Mike, and Clive



New People/New Shows

Truck Parade

12/13 Party


Small Stations

Tribal Liaisons Report


New People/New Shows: Blair came to offer on loan her painting by the same artist who did the Beetles album, “Revolver”.   Blair wants to do a show after the New Year starts.

Max brought same samples of new shows (California Weekly Climate and Commonwealth Club). The group approved Max to air these from 10 to 11 am on Sundays.

Truck Parade: The truck parade is December 12 (the following Friday). David will bring his truck. Emily cannot be there. She will email Ginny about preparing Robot DJ. One of the “KYBU” lights is not working and needs replaced. Emily will try to repair it and will ask Ginny for the generator. We have many strings of lights. We could use duct tape and baling wire. It was suggested that we advertise our party on the truck.

Party: Dixie will drop off her lights (she works till 5pm). Sandy will provide Shushi. Madeline will make desserts. We could order trays from Keith’s or Costco. Blair will talk with Izzy when Izzy gets back from France. We need food for 100 people. Because Natalie will be in class, her friends Alex and Tera will cover the bar. Rainbow will help at the door. Everyone gets a drink ticket. Emily passed around a volunteer sign-up list.

DJs should be promoting the party on their shows.

The party starts at 7pm with some music. Volunteers are needed for the following (see Emily):

Lew needs help at 3pm to pick up stuff since he is still recovering, so the sound team needs to be there from 3pm to 5pm.

  • Set-up is from 4pm to 7pm (need lots of people, including decorating with streamers, KYBU stockings, Santa DJ, and a fire—Daniel will bring firewood)
  • Membership table (very technical and detailed)
  • Bar (Natalie’s friends will need help)
  • Cleanup at 11pm (need lots of people again)
12/2/14 KYBU Meeting Notes