KYBU Meeting

Library Community Room

12/9/14 – 5:00pm

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Attendees: Max, Emily, Bill, Billy, Mary Jane and Eric



New People/New Shows

Party 12-13-14


Ad Council PSAs


Tribal Liaison


No Meeting Dec. 23

New People/New Shows: Billy lives is SF and likes to listen to the shows. He has a lot of music and wants to record four shows and eventually go live. He is a photographer. Emily and Max filled Billy in on how to become a programmer.

Party 12-13-14:   Per Emily, Blair and Izzy will do appetizers, Madelyn will do desserts, and Sandy and Steve will bring Shushi.   Emily will go Thursday to get the drinks in Santa Rosa, weather permitting.

Chairs: The two new chairs for the station have been purchased and should be here tomorrow.

Ad Council PSAs: Per Max, we now have two separate PSA rotations, one for the Ad Council PSAs, and the other for local PSAs. This was needed because there were so many Ad Council PSAs added. We need to discuss guidelines when more people are here.

KMUD News: KMUD’s server had a problem Friday. That’s been fixed and it should play tonight for us.

Tribal Liaison: This is exciting. Eric brought the Tribes’ underwriter check to cover five tribal entities that will recycle, each one for two weeks. The entities are the gas station/convenience store, casino, the Tribes, the motel, and Hidden Oaks Park. Emily still needs more information to help them figure out the scripts to record.

Merch@ Uptown Merchantile: Per Emily, Merch@mercantile is now selling our swag. We’ll need to buy more swag.

No December 23 Meeting: There will be no KYBU meeting on Tuesday, December 23.

12/9/14 KYBU Meeting Notes