4/27/14 KYBU Meeting Notes

Radio Station Meeting

Covelo Library Community Room

4/27/14 – 5pm

Meeting Notes Corrections:  Committee members who wish to correct these meeting notes, please send corrections to mail@kyburadio.orgPlease note that these are not minutes but personal notes that are not necessarily accurate or complete but hopefully helpful.

Attendees:  Mike, Max, Emily, Sharon, Dixie, Lew, Bill, Bruce, Josh, John, Clive, and Mary Jane



New People, New Shows

Bulletin Board


May 4 Party

Next Workshop

New People/Shows:  Two new people showed up at the workshop.  They made a metal show promo.  The Raven Theater show will be changed to a half hour soon.  Probably on May 11, but Mary Jane will let Max or Emily know.

Bulletin Board:  Sharon will do the bulletin board for May 3 and will email Sandy about the 10th and the 17th.  Sharon will do the 24th and 31st but is not sure about the 24th.  Emily will email Sharon the current script.

CERT:  A discussion was held about emergency response.  Emily looked at FEMA grants but didn’t find much.   CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) is a good idea but would take a lot of commitment, time, and work.  Sharon will contact the school, Mary Jane will contact the Health Center’s clinic manager, and Gabriel will contact the fire department.  We need to find out what’s already in place and the resources each entity has for a disaster.  We also should contact the Sheriff’s Office.  Mary Jane will bring KMUD’s protocol to the next meeting for further discussion.  We might consider starting with developing our response protocol.

May 4th Party:  Mike played the band’s song last night. Per John Gruey, Madeline Shepard is preparing the food.  She is a recent culinary arts graduate.  Denny will help.  The music is country rock..  We need to advertise it more.  Max left the meeting to go to the studio to create a May 4 party PSA and enter it into the radio scheduling.  Per Emily, he’s a man of action!  Thank you, Max.  Seating for the party will be at 7pm, and the band gets here at 5pm to set up and will play at 9pm.  Per John Gruey, we are well under budget.  Thank you, John, for all your help.  Natalie is doing the bar.  We’ll have two kegs of beer, four cases of fine wine, and two cases of other wine.  Fine wine will be served at the dinner.  John is looking for donations from local gardens of culinary rosemary and parsley.  If you have these to donate, contact him before he leaves to Wednesday to buy the food.  Food prep will start Thursday.  Volunteers are welcome to help.  Call John (983-6108) or email him at jhon_gruey@yahoo.com. He will work on getting walls for the patio and borrowing heaters for the patio since the weather forecast for Sunday is a high of 60.  Everyone, please encourage people to buy their tickets before they run out.

Next Workshop:  It was suggested we have more promo scripts introduce what’s up next.  Emily and Bill will create some promo scripts to record at the next workshop.

Building Horizons 2014 Summer Junior Giants League

The Building Horizons Program is currently taking sign-ups for the 2014 Summer Junior Giants League!! The league will start around June 23rd and run for eight weeks through the summer.

Players and Coaches can sign-up online at:

*If you are a returning player from last year, you may use the same login information to save time registering. Our staff is available to help you with the online application if you visit our program M-F 9AM-6PM.

THIS IS A FREE PROGRAM. We simply ask that parents/adults volunteer their time to coach one of the teams!

For more information, please contact Building Horizons Staff at 983-6823.

Week of April 28 on Native America Calling

Monday, April 28, 2014 – ***ENCORE: Boarding School Memories***
Many former students have painful memories of their time in boarding schools. But not all memories are bad. An exhibit at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center this year features the stories of students who attended the Albuquerque Indian School. Tune in for an encore broadcast of our discussion about boarding school memories. Dr. Ted Jojola (Isleta Pueblo), co-curator of the Albuquerque Indian School Retrospective with a Vision Forward at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center joined us in studio. We also had Dr. Tsianina Lomawaima (Muscogee), a professor at Arizona State University, with us during the live broadcast.Tuesday, April 29, 2014 – Take Good Care of yourself
We live in busy and stressful times. It can be hard to stop and relax, but there are many simple things you can do to take care of yourself. How do you like to relax and pamper yourself? Join us for a conversation with spa managers, hair stylists and inventors of natural beauty products across Native America. They will share their best tips on self-care and relaxation. We welcome your suggestions too! Guests include: Monica Simeon (Spokane), co-founder and president of Sister Sky, Dawn Olsen, spa manager from the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa and Laura Ortman (White Mountain Apache), a stylist at Fringe Salon NY.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014 – Book of the Month: “Hyperboreal”
Inupiaq poet Joan Naviyuk Kane uses words to celebrate culture and Alaska Native life. Her new book, “Hyperboreal,” connects people, the land and history. Her poems cause the reader to consider what it means to live in a world of change while looking to the future. Some of the lines in her poems provide testimony to how culture can ignite personal strength. We invite you to join us an experience her words as we discuss this new book.

Thursday, May 1, 2014 – Honoring Our Native Graduates
May is graduation season. Families and schools across Native America are celebrating right now. Many tribes and schools organize powwows and ceremonies to honor their graduates. Are you honoring a graduate this year? What is your community doing to celebrate academic success? Join us as we honor our graduates from all levels of education.

Friday, May 2, 2014 – KXL Update
The proposed Keystone XL pipeline is the focus of heated debate across the United States. The Cowboy and Indian Alliance held a protest in Washington DC last week to oppose the pipeline. Legal battles may also put the project at risk. Where do you stand on the Keystone XL pipeline? The U.S. Department of State announced recently that the government will take more time to collect feedback. What message do you want to send to elected officials about Keystone XL?

Native America Calling is a national call-in program that invites guests and listeners to join a dialogue about current events, music, arts, entertainment and culture.

The program is hosted by Tara Gatewood (Isleta Pueblo) and airs live each weekday from 1-2 pm Eastern.

Mendocino College Spring Plant Sale

Mendocino College (Ukiah Campus) presents the Spring Plant Sale.

Friday, May 2 9-5pm and Saturday May 3 9-3pm.

  • Perennial and Annual Color
  • Heirloom Vegetables
  • Berries Galore!
  • CA Native Shrubs and Trees
  • Drought Tolerant and Hard to Find Plants

Grown locally by Mendocino College staff and students.

Department of Agriculture Greenhouse, Mendocino College, 1000 Hensley Creek Road, Ukiah, CA 95482

Download the Flyer

4/22/14 Radio Meeting Notes

Radio Station Meeting

Round Valley Library Commons Community Room

4/22/14 – 5pm

Meeting Notes Corrections:  Committee members who wish to correct these meeting notes, please send corrections to mail@kyburadio.org.  Please note that these are not minutes but personal notes that are not necessarily accurate or complete but hopefully helpful.

Attendees:  Ryan, Jay, Mike, Josh, Brittany, James, Clive, Lanny, Daniel, Kramer, Max, Carol, Gabriel, Lew, Emily, Dixie, Mary Jane, and John Gruey



New People/Shows

Candidates Night


Raven Theater


May 4 Party




New People/Shows:  Lanny from Willits asked for contact information for attendees to sign and indicate how they might provide him radio station development assistance.  Suzanne is doing very well and operating almost entirely on her own with Max standing by for assistance.

Candidates Night:  Carol asked if the radio station would sponsor a candidates night.  Lew preferred to wait for October when there would be only two candidates.  The Laytonville candidates night is Thursday from 5 to 7pm.  Carol is work on finding a date when all candidates can be here and will then schedule the Commons Room.  Emily is willing to help Carol with this.  Emily will email Carol the contact information.  Daniel will be recording Thursday.

Workshop:  Emily announced the workshop will be held on Sunday, April 27, to work on whatever people need.  She will bring copies of the revised draft Programmers Guide.

The Raven Theater:  Mary Jane announced changes to the name and time for The Raven Theater Hour.  The new name is The Raven Theater, which will soon be a half-hour drama show from 7-7:30pm every Sunday instead of a whole hour.  A brief discussion was held about what would replace the other half hour, such as local music or “More Country”.

Underwriters:  Emily talked about how well the underwriters are responding.

May 4 Party:  John Gruey reported on the upcoming benefit for KYBU he has been working hard on.  He is seeking volunteer help in the kitchen prep on Saturday and service, set up and cleanup help on Sunday.  Contact John for more information.  The rooms are reserved, and folks can purchase tickets at the Trading Post and June Marie’s.  Mickey will create a PSA.  Posters are up (Emily has a flyer).  John will email Emily a CD so KYBU live programmers can play some of the songs and promote the band and event.  He will ask Clifton to engineer.  Lew will be a backup.  John stated that they haven’t opened to cash box to see how much was brought in by the fundraiser for the fundraiser, but John said it was nice party though a little under attended.   He will come to next week’s meeting with updates.

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT):  Gabriel’s prior take was that the fire department didn’t seem very interested in CERT training, but he is willing to approach them again.  Mary Jane will email more information so Gabriel can know what to say.  Per Clive, CERT folks are important for the first 72 hours after a disaster and would do things, such as monitor our bridges, tag and remove bodies, etc.  Lanny suggested we would need an uninterrupted power source.

Router:  The router would need an Ethernet cord.  Per Max, we need to send a hat and T-shirt to the vendor.

AAHP Safety Review:  Our required annual viewing of the Caltrans safety DVD is scheduled for 10am on Saturday, May 17, before carpooling to Inspiration Point to conduct a litter cleanup.  Emily will reserve the Commons Room for the DVD viewing.

Quality Improvement and Cultural Competency Committees Meeting in Fort Bragg on April 24, 2014

Date: April 17, 2014
Mendocino County Health and Human Services Agency

Quality Improvement and Cultural Competency Committees Meeting in Fort Bragg on April 24, 2014

Mendocino County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services Quality Improvement (QIC) and Cultural Competency Committees (CCC) meeting will be held in Fort Bragg at the Mendocino Coast Hospitality Center located at 474 South Franklin Street on April 24th, 2014 from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

The purpose of the committees is to discuss the quality of Mental Health services in Mendocino County.  Members of the public are encouraged to attend the meeting to ask questions, provide feedback and give recommendations for improvement.

For more information about QIC/CCC please contact Quality Assurance Manager, Masha McCarthy by e-mail: mccarthm@co.mendocino.ca.us or by calling 707-472-2322.

CAL FIRE Defensible Space inspections coming soon


Mendocino Unit


CAL FIRE Mendocino Unit personnel have begun conducting Defensible Space inspections within the State Responsibility Areas (SRA) of Mendocino County.  These inspections are focusing on education and ensuring landowners have created and are maintaining defensible space around their homes and structures.  As drought conditions continue in California, this Defensible Space is critical for the protection of homes and the safety of citizens and firefighters during a wildfire.

California Public Resources Code §4291 requires homeowners in SRA to maintain 100 feet of Defensible Space around structures.  The 100 feet of Defensible Space is divided into two zones:

The first zone is for the first 30 feet from the home/structure.  This zone should be completely clear of all dead and flammable vegetation, including woodpiles, flammable brush, dead plants, weeds and dead grass.

The second zone is the following 70 feet from the first zone.  The primary goal within this zone is to eliminate the horizontal and vertical fuel continuity which will decrease the ability of a fire to spread.  This can be accomplished by pruning trees, removing dead vegetative matter, cutting grass, removing and/or spacing out trees and brush.  Woodpiles can be kept within this zone.

Compliance with this law will aid in the prevention or minimization of large and damaging wildland fires, decrease the risk of property loss, and provide increased citizen and firefighter safety. One of the essential tools utilized to accomplish this goal is the fire prevention inspection. These inspections will help homeowners understand the requirements and methods to eliminate or reduce fire hazards and risks near homes in the SRA.

CAL FIRE Defensible Space inspectors will make the majority of their inspections in the months leading up to fire season in order to allow landowners time and flexibility to prepare their property for the upcoming fire season.  CAL FIRE inspectors will attempt to inspect all the homes they have access to (e.g., no locked gates, can be viewed from a public place/roadway, or property that can be accessed by any private citizen, mailperson, delivery person, etc.) within a given target area prior to moving onto another area.  The inspectors will be conducting their inspections during reasonable daylight hours, knocking on the door of the residence and being professionally dressed so that CAL FIRE staff can easily be identified as fire department personnel.   Ideally, CAL FIRE would meet all landowners on-site so that questions can be answered and hazardous conditions addressed.  If the Defensible Space inspectors are not able to meet face to face with the landowners, a “Notice of Fire Hazard Inspection” form will be left at the property.  The “Notice of Fire Hazard Inspection” form will give a detailed description of what was inspected and if any corrections are needed to improve the property for fire survival.  A phone number will be provided to the landowner to use in the event they have questions concerning the inspection or what/why hazards need to be reduced.

Defensible Space inspections are supported by the SRA Fire Prevention Fee, which is an annual fee assessed to rural residents for fire prevention activities in the SRA. The Fire Prevention Fee resulted from a law signed by Governor Brown in 2011 which imposed a fee to owners of habitable structures in the SRA.

Here are some tips that can help homeowners increase their properties’ fire resistance and increase safety for residents and firefighters:

  • Maintain 100 feet of Defensible Space around all structures.
  • Clear all needles and leaves from roofs, eaves and rain gutters.
  • Trim branches six feet from the ground.
  • Use trimming, mowing and power equipment before 10 a.m.
  • Landscape with fire resistant and drought tolerant plants that require little water.
  • Remove branches away from roofs and 10 feet from the chimney.
  • Keep wood piles and flammable materials at least 30 feet from the home.
  • Use fire ignition resistant building material.

For more information on preparing for wildfires and defensible space visit: www.ReadyForWildfire.org.

3/14/14 KYBU Meeting Notes

KYBU volunteers meet weekly in the Library Commons Community room.  All are welcome.

Radio Station Meeting

Covelo Library Community Room

4/15/14 – 5pm

Meeting Notes Corrections:  Committee members who wish to correct these meeting notes, please send corrections to mail@kyburadio.orgPlease note that these are not minutes but personal notes that are not necessarily accurate or complete but hopefully helpful.

Attendees:  Max, Josh, Kramer, Emily, Bill, Clyde, Mario, Lew, Susan, Louisa, and Mary Jane



New People/Shows

Bulletin Board

Black Butte Use Permit


Measure “L”

Supervisor Debate



Studio Calendar

Leadership Mendocino County

May 4 Party

June 29 Party

New People/Shows:  Mario is still working on his show.  Suzanne is doing well in the studio under Max’s training.

Bulletin Board:  Susan asked about accessing the bulletin board through the website.  Emily announced that folks can listen to the current bulletin board through the website link www.KYBUradio.org/calandar/bulletin.mp3.   Be sure to use the misspelled “calandar” and not the correct spelling (calendar).  We probably won’t correct the spelling because we will eventually be able to just click on the “Listen” feature on the website instead.

Black Butte Use Permit:  Per Lew, Tom asked for use permit support letters to have up to five parties a year at Black Butte, including the annual 4th of July party.  Send letters of support to tom@blackriverranch.com.

AAHP:  The next KYBU Adopt-A-Highway litter cleanup is scheduled for Saturday, May 17, 2014.  Meet at the coffee shop at 10am.  We need to schedule the required annual review by all volunteers of the Caltrans safety DVD, Part 2, in order to continue participation in this program.

Measure “L”:  Bill said he had played Mike Gorman’s recording about Measure “L” on two Saturdays.  A discussion was held about the FCC’s rules concerning political airings.  Emily will put something in the Public File about this.

Supervisors Debate:  On Thursday, KMUD is airing a live broadcast at the supervisors debate in Laytonville.  Simon would appreciate KYBU help for this event.  Lew and Max will talk with Simon and decide when and whether KYBU will rebroadcast or so something else.  KMUD news won’t be on because they are working the debate.

Lew asked Max to explain NiceCast (spelling?).  It is an inexpensive program that streams at a URL that we can pick up.  It’s easy to set up.  Kramer is willing to do this on Thursday for the supervisors debate if Max shows him how and if Daniel can be there.

ERT:  We are still working on a KYBU ERT (Emergency Response Team).  A discussion was held about getting other local entities involved, including the fire department, the Tribes’ Natural Resources Department, which has a fire crew, the Tribal police, the Health Center, CalFire, Ranger Station, KYBU volunteers, and other people in the community.  Emily will ask Gabriel to talk to the fire chief.  Lew will talk with the Tribal Council.  Mary Jane will talk with Janet Raynor of Brooktrails (also a ham operator), who said CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) has funding for EFT training for Covelo and find out what Janet requires for such a training.

Website:  Per Emily, the KYBU website now contains all the press releases and announcements that are sent to the station, along with meeting notes.  Emily made a phone app for the website and is asking for people’s SmartPhone contact information to test out the phone app.

Leadership Mendocino County:  This is a scholastic organization that is coming here (the Commons Room) on Friday, from 1:45 to 2:45pm to meet with our community.  Lew and Emily will attend, and others are welcome.  This is sponsored by North Coast Opportunities in Ukiah.

May 4 Party:  John Gruey is still working on this gala event.

June 29 Party:  Bill’s sign board is at Poonkinney and Highway 162.  Bill will speak with the landowner to find out about posting the KYBU sign there.


Native America Calling Topics – Week of April 14, 2014

Monday, April 14, 2014 – Connecting To The Land Beyond Political Borders
At one time there were no borders between our tribal nations. Today borders like county lines, state lines and U.S. international borders cause Native Americans to look at their ancestral lands in a different way. One issue that has tribes concerned right now is the impact of environmental damage beyond tribal borders, including on disputed and ceded land. What can be done when concerns for the land go beyond political borders? Are our rights being honored? What value should be placed on Native ties to the land that rest beyond the reservation line? Guests include: Stephen Fasthorse (Northern Arapaho – Chairman of the Wind River Citizens Equality Commission) and Paul Demain (Oneida/Ojibwe – spokesperson for the Harvest Education Learning Project)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014 – Learning How To Read
The ability to read is essential for academic success but for some students struggle as they learn how to read. There are many strategies that can be used to teach children how to read. What worked best for you or your child? Join us as we learn how educators around Native America are teaching our young ones how to read. We’ll also hear what parents and family members can do to support children as they learn valuable reading skills.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014 – Got Into College, Now What?
College acceptance letters are arriving in mailboxes around the country. An aspiring student who receives that letter has a lot of choices ahead. What do students need to do from the time they receive an acceptance letter until the first day of classes? Join us as we talk with experts about financial aid, scholarships and other important steps students need to take to be ready to start college in the fall. Guests include: Stevie Lee (Navajo – tribal college and university scholarship coordinator at the American Indian College Fund) and Carmen Lopez (Navajo – Executive Director of College Horizons and Graduate Horizons ).

Thursday, April 17, 2014 – April Music Maker: Wayne Silas, Jr.
“Infinite Passion,” the latest CD from Wayne Silas Jr. (Menominee/Oneida), is making its way across Native America. It’s filled with sounds and rhythms to bring the people together. This 15-track album also features other dynamic voices from the pow wow trail. With decades of experience backing his singing ability and song composition, Silas takes listeners on a sonic voyage into the arena of detailed sound making. We invite you to jump into the music of our April Music

Friday, April 18, 2014 – Protecting Sacred Places
Tribes and grassroots organizations around Native America are working to protect sacred places. There are many options to bring attention to places at risk, from protests to working with lawmakers on legislation. How do you decide when and how to share information about sacred places? We will start with efforts to protect Mount Taylor, a place that is sacred to five tribes, from uranium mining. We also want to hear from you. What places are you working to protect and who are you working with on the issue? Has your tribe debated how and when to work with government officials to protect a scared place? Guests include: Laurie Weakee (Navajo/Zuni/Cochiti – director of the Native American Voters Alliance (NAVA) and Theresa Pasqual (director of the Pueblo of Acoma Historic Preservation Office).

Native America Calling is a national call-in program that invites guests and listeners to join a dialogue about current events, music, arts, entertainment and culture.

The program is hosted by Tara Gatewood (Isleta Pueblo) and airs live each weekday from 1-2 pm Eastern.

Join the conversation by calling 1-800-996-2848.

Mendocino Pet Owners Prepare for Natural Disasters

Mendocino County Health & Human Services Agency

Date: April 9, 2014

Mendocino Pet Owners Prepare for Natural Disasters

Hurricane Katrina was a catastrophic disaster on the coastal regions of Mississippi and Louisiana. While rescue efforts ensued, there were many stories of family pets not being allowed in boats, helicopters, evacuation buses or shelters. It soon became obvious that there was a demanding need for animal rescue and sheltering.

A presentation on disaster preparedness will be given by the Director of Disaster Response for the ASPCA, Doctor Dick Green. The presentation will take place on Wednesday, April 23, 2014 from 5:30 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. at the Health and Human Services Agency Animal Care Services Shelter. The Shelter is located at 298 Plant Road in Ukiah. RSVPs are preferred. Call 707-463-4654.

Dr. Green will be reviewing the recent disasters and discussing the lesson learned. Dr. Green will, then, discuss how these lessons can be applied to Mendocino County and the City of Ukiah.

The public is encouraged to attend.