October 24, 2016 is the last day for electors to register in order to vote in the November 8, 2016
PRESIDENTIAL GENERAL Election, according to Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder Susan M. Ranochak.
The Registrar of Voters office is located in Room #1020 of the County Administration Building located
at 501 Low Gap Road, Ukiah.
Voters who have moved and/or changed their name must re-register. To register or re-register to vote,
you may come into the Registrar of Voters office. If you are unable to come to the office, you may call 234-
6819 and a voter registration card will be mailed to you, or you can register online at: Registration forms are also available at the most City Halls,
Libraries and Post Offices.
To be eligible to register, you must be a citizen of the United States, a resident of California, 18 years of
age or older as of the day of the next election, and you must NOT be in prison or on parole for the conviction of
a felony.
Voters are required to provide their residence address or location, a mailing address (if it’s not the
same as their residence address) (personal mail boxes, or post office boxes are not considered a residence
address) driver’s license or state ID and/or the last four digits of their social security number. All voter
registration cards must be signed. When we receive a voter registration form, if these requirements are not
met, we must contact the voter to obtain the information. Please include contact information, either a phone
number or an email address.
The November election is a “General Election”, party ballots are not issued, everyone will have the
same candidates for the State and Federal offices on the ballot – there is no reason to change your party
affiliation to vote for a certain candidate for this election.
Ms. Ranochak encourages you to call the Registrar of Voters office at 234-6819 should you have any
questions or are in doubt about your registration status.

Sample Ballots now Online

Mendocino County Assessor-Clerk Recorder, Susan M. Ranochak announced:
We have added a page to our Election website that has the text of each ballot measure
as they will appear in our Sample Ballot. We have included city measures and county
wide measures for your convenience. Please visit our website at:
Any questions should be directed to my office at 501 Low Gap Road, Room 1020
or by calling (707) 234-6827

2016 B Zone Deer Hunting Season guidelines.

2016 B Zone Deer Hunting Season guidelines.
Archery season for deer began Aug. 20 and will run until Sept. 11.

General hunting season begins Sept. 17 and ends Oct. 23.

With deer season now upon us, the Mendocino National Forest reminds all hunters of fire restrictions in the forest and that falling trees are a severe hazard when traveling in the Forest due to the high degree of tree mortality from previous fires.

All visitors to the forest are reminded to keep the following in mind:

·         Shooting steel core or incendiary (e.g. tracers & dragons breath) ammunition is not permitted on National Forest Lands due to the risk of sparking a wildfire.

·         Remember, if you are hunting on private property you must obtain, and have in your possession, written permission to hunt on private property.

·         Do not rely solely on cell phones for safety as many areas of the forest have no cell phone coverage.

·         Bring an ax or a chainsaw to remove fallen trees from roads if you do become trapped.

·         When driving in remote areas of the forest, park close to a main road rather than on a spur or one-way section. If trees fall across the road you could become trapped.

·         Pitch tents and park vehicles in areas where they will not be hit if trees fall.

·         Stay out of the forest when there are strong winds that could blow trees down. If you are already in the forest when the winds pick up, head to a clearing out of reach of potential falling trees.

·        Be aware of your surroundings. Avoid dense patches of dead trees. Trees and branches can fall without warning.

·         The current fire restrictions mean that no fires or open flame will be allowed outside of the designated fire safe recreation sites and designated wilderness areas. For more information about the designated fire safe recreation sites please stop buy your local Forest Service Ranger Station or call us at (707) 983-8500 for more information and how to obtain a campfire permit at no cost to you before heading out to the woods.

Thank you,
Mendocino National Forest, Covelo Ranger District Staff