KYBU Meeting

Library Community Room

2/17/15 – 5:00pm

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Attendees: Max, Emily, Mary Jane, Daniel, Clive and Lew



New People/New Shows




Call-In Show

Tech Questions


Programmers Meeting/T-Shirt Vote



New People/New Shows: Per Emily, John G will probably come back next week regarding his 8-9pm on Thursdays electronic music show. Per Lew, Andy sent Lew five shows now for a monthly jazz show. Lew thinks he can get others to do a monthly show to fill in the slot. Max may want to move his show to 8-10pm.

Virus: Lew reported that the Norton virus protection on the computer he donated to the station ended about three weeks ago. On Sunday, Emily plans to go in to the station and put Norton back on the computer. Max reported that someone had installed Spotify to pull up music on the computer. Max disabled it, but it pops up adds every once in a while. People need to post the log when they add a program to the human DJ computer.

Basketball: There is a game tomorrow, but Lew is not covering it. There is one more game coming up but not scheduled yet. Boys playoff is probably next Friday that Lew wants to cover. Judah is interested in learning Lew’s role.

Woodhouse: Lew called Tom Woodhouse (District Supervisor) to ensure he was informed about the April 2 agenda. Lew may interview Tom before that date.

Call-In Show: Per Clive, Dixie wants to do a monthly call-in show on Fridays or Saturdays around 7:30 or 8am. Clive wants to help promote this with a flyer that has pull-off tabs of contact information. Dixie will need an engineer and someone to screen calls. We currently have two phone lines at $60 per line a month.

Tech Questions: Clive reported that his files are getting altered, that the audible portions are different that originally. He asked how to work the 8-inch mini. Per Lew, you have to go back and listen to the MP3 after it’s perfect in Audacity and you have exported it as an MP3. Clive will bring this all to the Sunday workshop.

Daniel has a hard time with Jay’s first Freedom show. It seemed that no matter what he did, there was always an extra 17 minutes. Apparently, the show just started too late. Max started all the rest of the Freedom shows. The show needs to end at 58 minutes, then the station ID starts at 59 minutes.

Workshop: Per Emily, we can use this room on Sundays because Kim’s mindfulness class is no longer located here. This Sunday, Lew and max will meet at 8:45am before the workshop to install the back up transmitter. They will call Ginny, Emily, and Mary Jane to see if they can hear the radio.

Programmers Meeting/T-Shirt Vote: The Programmers meeting is March 10 after the regular meeting at which we will vote on the T-shirt entries.

Candalaria: Daniel reported that Candalaria wants to play here on March 27 (Friday) or March 29 (Sunday afternoon). Several suggestions were made, including the North Fork (no cleanup, 50 people, pass the hat for donations, Denny usually feeds bands), the Covelo Club (if available yet), the Legion hall, and Black Butte. They would need to bring their own sound system and should produce a graphic to make flyers. They could stay at the motel.

Emily reported that Mario has decided not to do a reggae show in April.

AAHP: Mary Jane reported the weather was good on Saturday, and volunteers picked up four bags of litter and a rusty gun (which was turned over to the Highway Patrol).

2/17/15 KYBU Meeting Notes