KYBU Meeting

Covelo Library Community Room

2/24/15 – 5:00pm

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Attendees:  Max, Celeste, John G., Ryan, Dixie, Emily, Jay, Daniel, Lew, Mary Jane, and Imil



New People/New Shows

Audio Calendar/Show



Electronic Payments

Human Robot Interference

Programmers Meeting

New People/New Shows:  Celeste has had some training at radio 88.1 Lake Country training and wants to do two shows.  She would like to get her 5th and 6th graders from the Charter School on the air starting with a monthly show.  She also would like to do a childhood learning and education call-in with guests show from 3 to 4pm.

John G. would like a 9pm slot.  Max will talk with Chuk about moving his slot to 8pm.  John G. will make a promo for his show and can email it to Emily to load.

Audio Calendar/Show:  Per Dixie, people are saying, “Why so early?” for her 7:30am call-in show.  Alex is very interested in participating in Dixie’s show and also wants to have her own  show.  Clive is willing to help Dixie.  After some suggestions, Dixie may move her call-in show to 4:00 to 4:30 to follow her current show on Wednesday afternoon starting tomorrow.  Lew will come by to help around 4pm.

Basketball:  The Lady Mustangs are undefeated.  Tomorrow they will host a game with another small team at 7pm.  Lew left Mario a message to help.  If Mario doesn’t call back, Ryan is available.  Lew will let Ryan know.

Workshop:  The spare transmitter is now installed and works fine.  The transmitter still needs to be tested for range.  At some point, we will train others how to switch it over and the sequence of wires and buttons.

Emily worked on the computer that Lew donated to the studio.  The computer had many glitches and needed to be “restored” and now has more protection.  DJs are now unable to install programs on it and should bring to a regular meeting any requests for programs to be installed by an administrator.

The workshop was well attended.  Tutorials went on for about one and a half hours.

Electronic Payments:  Emily reported that the website’s electronic payments system is now working and is connected to the membership database so members’ information is there when they want to use charge cards to purchase memberships or make donations.

Human Robot Interference:  Lew reported that we need to have a policy that DJs may make changes only to their own slots and not change anything else in the robot’s automated program.  Attendees agreed to have this policy.  This policy will be communicated to DJs by email and at the upcoming programmers meeting on March 10.

Programmers Meeting:  The next programmers meeting is scheduled for 6pm on Tuesday, March 10, right after the regular KYBU meeting where attendees will vote on the T-shirt logo submittals.

2/24/15 KYBU Meeting Notes