KYBU Meeting

Library Community Room

3/10/15 – 5:00pm

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Attendees: Kasza, Avo, Emily, Michael, Kramer, max, Judah, Sharon, Long John, Jay, Lew, Clive, Daniel, Alex, Mary Jane, bill, Josh, and Ryan



New People/New Shows

Bulletin Board


Library Party 3/21

Jazz Frontiers

Dry T-Shirt Contest

Staxx Slot

New People/New Shows: Kasza will meet and shadow Lew at 11am on Thursday.

Mike will do a St. Patty’s Day show again.

Alex will shadow Mike next Tuesday at 5pm. Her live show will start April 2.

Long John reported on the start-up of a new Laytonville low-power radio station in Laytonville. He has years of radio experience, included KZYZ, KMUD, and others. They are starting out in a used construction trailer and have a transmitter. It will be another KPHT with lots of satire. His partner Lynn has long-time ties with Covelo.

Bulletin Board: Sharon will do this week and the week of the 23rd. She will talk with Sandy about doing more. Sharon will return after four weeks.

Basketball: Lew reported that the girls will play in a tournament tomorrow in Roseville. Mike Gorman wants to be the announcer tomorrow on his phone. This will interrupt the KMUD news at 7pm.

Library Party: The FRVPL has scheduled their 5th anniversary party for Saturday, March 21 (see posters around town). They need two or three KYBU volunteers to meet at 4pm on Friday to set up, move things around and move the stage so the band can practice and volunteers to meet on Sunday at 11am to move things back and mop.

Jazz Frontiers. Andy has several shows ready for Lew to air once a month (the first Saturday monthly).

Dry T-Shirt Contest: Emily facilitated the voting for the new shirt logo. Attendees settled on two designs for T-shirts, one design for a sticker, and a design for the radio station wall. Winners will receive a shirt with their design and a KYBU membership for one year. Suggestions were made for minor alternations to the designs.

Staxx Slot: The Staxx slot is now available.

3/10/15 KYBU Meeting Notes