KYBU Meeting

Library Community Room

3/17/15 – 5:00pm

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Attendees: Max, Emily, Kramer, Ryan, Jay, Lew, Kent, Bob T., Alex, and Mary Jane



New People/New Shows

NFCB Mini-Summit

Saturday Party




Bulletin Board

Veterans Association

New People/New Shows: Lew trained Kasza on the basics of how to be a DJ.

Per Max, Gabriel has four music shows ready and wants max’s slot. Max will move to Thursdays at 9. Gabriel needs a packet. Emily made three new DJ packets that are hanging on the station door to be handed out.

Alex would like her first interviews to be Lew, Max and Emily, then Jay, Dixie, and other DJs. She has shadowed Dixie and Daniel, has lots of ideas, and hopes to start her first show in two weeks.

NFCB Mini-Summit: Emily reported that NFCB will have regional summits this year. The closest one to us is Nevada City with Grass Valley being right next door. Nevada City is a five-hour drive from here. The cost is $100 per person. We’d like to send four to seven people. Thursday night is music and dinner, and Friday is mostly workshops all day. There is a Strawberry Festival that weekend also. Emily will find out the registration deadline. This matter will be brought up at another meeting.

Saturday Party: The Library’s 5th anniversary party is Saturday. Entry is free or donation. Volunteers are needed to help clean up on Sunday before noon. Lew will talk with Mario.

Cameras: Kent Anderson of Covelo offered his professional abilities and we now have two video cameras installed that are good up to a month’s motion detector recording. The back window was recently sprayed with bright red paint.

Specials: Jay reported ideas for special days, such as St. Patrick’s Day. Jay can’t do these but is putting the ideas out there for others to pick up on if they want and make them into half-hour shows. These ideas are come from the things he runs across while working on his show, including as songs. One song is “How Can I Kiss the Lips at Night That Chewed My Ass All Day?” There are “Ugly Truck” songs out there as well that could be made into a special show. Another idea for a special show could be about the water issues included in the four marijuana workshops.

Trainers: Max reported that we need more DJs to be trainers. Alex is willing to help. Emily will email programmers to provide what inputs they use, what they are willing to do, etc.

Bulletin Board: Sandy is retiring from the Bulletin Board at the end of April. This position takes about three hours of time commitment a week. This matter will be discussed further at another meeting.

Veterans Association: Mary Jane reported that the Veterans Association held a meeting at the Health Center this morning. They are working on seeing that more of the Native vets receive VA services. The VA has been in the news recently for being way behind in their services. Mary Jane will try to contact the Santa Rosa VA rep (“Nick”) who attended today’s VA meeting to find out why his notice of this meeting didn’t aired on KYBU, assure him we are very interested in airing VA notices, explain how he can communicate with KYBU, and ask him to try again in the future.

3/17/15 KYBU Meeting Notes