Programmers Meeting

Library Community Room

3/10/15 – 6:00pm

Meeting Notes Corrections: Committee members who wish to correct these meeting notes, please send corrections to Please note that these are not minutes but personal notes that are not necessarily accurate or complete but hopefully helpful.

Attendees: Daniel, Bill, Alex, Emily, Mike, Max, Judah, Ryan, Clive, Jay, Lew, Mary Jane


Contact Info

Volunteer Agreement

Human Show Promos

Programming Changes

CDs, Records, and Phone

Staxx Show

Robot Human Interactions

Kate Wolf Event Booth

June 20th Party

Next Meeting

Contact Info: Emily sent around a list for attendees to review and make any changes to their contact information.

Volunteer Agreement: Emily distributed the volunteer agreement forms for attendees to review and sign their agreement. She also sent around a programmers contact list that will be kept in the radio station.

Human Show Promos: Ryan would like to see every human show have a promo. Kramer and Mike need promos. Other volunteers are willing to help make the promos and new promos.

Programming Changes: It was decided to replace two reggae shows with world music on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

CDs, Records, and Phone: Alex wants to shadow Daniel on Thursday at 10pm to learn more about how to use CDs, records, and the phone. It was suggested that we buy more cartridges and replacement needles. Max will research this matter. Long John suggested the site

Staxx Show: Joshie moved away so his show slot is now open. It is likely he would not be allowed another slot in the future due to a policy violation.

Robot Human Interactions: Clive has found there are duplicate songs on the robot and doesn’t know how to get the duplicates out of it. Max suggested Clive make notes when helping by sorting songs, including the time and date it played. Max requested that Clive put his findings on a thumb drive and give it to Max. Max appreciates Clive’s sorting help and is willing to teach Clive how to remove duplicate songs during Max’s time in the station.

Kate Wolf Event Booth: Daniel is getting us a booth for June 27 and 28.

June 20th Party: We need a band. Jay might have one.

Next Meeting: Programmers, mark your calendars. The next quarterly programmers meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 16, at 6pm in the Library Commons Room.

3/10/15 Programmers Meeting