Radio Station Meeting

Round Valley Library Commons Community Room

4/22/14 – 5pm

Meeting Notes Corrections:  Committee members who wish to correct these meeting notes, please send corrections to  Please note that these are not minutes but personal notes that are not necessarily accurate or complete but hopefully helpful.

Attendees:  Ryan, Jay, Mike, Josh, Brittany, James, Clive, Lanny, Daniel, Kramer, Max, Carol, Gabriel, Lew, Emily, Dixie, Mary Jane, and John Gruey



New People/Shows

Candidates Night


Raven Theater


May 4 Party




New People/Shows:  Lanny from Willits asked for contact information for attendees to sign and indicate how they might provide him radio station development assistance.  Suzanne is doing very well and operating almost entirely on her own with Max standing by for assistance.

Candidates Night:  Carol asked if the radio station would sponsor a candidates night.  Lew preferred to wait for October when there would be only two candidates.  The Laytonville candidates night is Thursday from 5 to 7pm.  Carol is work on finding a date when all candidates can be here and will then schedule the Commons Room.  Emily is willing to help Carol with this.  Emily will email Carol the contact information.  Daniel will be recording Thursday.

Workshop:  Emily announced the workshop will be held on Sunday, April 27, to work on whatever people need.  She will bring copies of the revised draft Programmers Guide.

The Raven Theater:  Mary Jane announced changes to the name and time for The Raven Theater Hour.  The new name is The Raven Theater, which will soon be a half-hour drama show from 7-7:30pm every Sunday instead of a whole hour.  A brief discussion was held about what would replace the other half hour, such as local music or “More Country”.

Underwriters:  Emily talked about how well the underwriters are responding.

May 4 Party:  John Gruey reported on the upcoming benefit for KYBU he has been working hard on.  He is seeking volunteer help in the kitchen prep on Saturday and service, set up and cleanup help on Sunday.  Contact John for more information.  The rooms are reserved, and folks can purchase tickets at the Trading Post and June Marie’s.  Mickey will create a PSA.  Posters are up (Emily has a flyer).  John will email Emily a CD so KYBU live programmers can play some of the songs and promote the band and event.  He will ask Clifton to engineer.  Lew will be a backup.  John stated that they haven’t opened to cash box to see how much was brought in by the fundraiser for the fundraiser, but John said it was nice party though a little under attended.   He will come to next week’s meeting with updates.

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT):  Gabriel’s prior take was that the fire department didn’t seem very interested in CERT training, but he is willing to approach them again.  Mary Jane will email more information so Gabriel can know what to say.  Per Clive, CERT folks are important for the first 72 hours after a disaster and would do things, such as monitor our bridges, tag and remove bodies, etc.  Lanny suggested we would need an uninterrupted power source.

Router:  The router would need an Ethernet cord.  Per Max, we need to send a hat and T-shirt to the vendor.

AAHP Safety Review:  Our required annual viewing of the Caltrans safety DVD is scheduled for 10am on Saturday, May 17, before carpooling to Inspiration Point to conduct a litter cleanup.  Emily will reserve the Commons Room for the DVD viewing.

4/22/14 Radio Meeting Notes