Radio Station Meeting

 Library Community Room

5/6/14 – 5pm

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Attendees:  Daniel, Sharon, Kramer, Michael, Joshie, Emily, Max, Lew, Ryan Dixie, David, Brittany, James, and Mary Jane



Party Recap



American Legion History

Field Day Parade

Free Speech Radio News

New People/New Shows

Evening Weather Report

June 29 Party

Bulletin Board

School Superintendent

Party Recap:  Emily has received all monies except some auction money.  Some of the kegged beer is left over and will be used at the Friday, May 15th karaoke party at the land trust.  Madeline needed more volunteers.  Natalie did a great job picking out the fine wines.  Per Emily, it cost about $1000 to put on the dinner, $730 for the wine and beer, and $2800 for the entertainment.  The event netted a profit of about $2000, which is about what we usually take in.  The subject of donor fatigue was briefly discussed.  The library’s liquor license is for up to six parties a year, of which the library might share with us.  The June 29 membership party is a free event for members.

AAHP:  The next litter cleanup is scheduled for May 17 and includes the annual viewing of the Caltrans safety DVD review,

ERT:  A discussion was held about forming an emergency response team.  We will work on our protocol at the next workshop.

American Legion History:  Per Lew, Malcolm and another vet are working on a scrapbook and want our help to turn it into an auditory project.  Bill Cull could pick up on it.  They could do a PSA to tell all vets what’s going on and prepare a show with local vets to tell their stories.

Field Day Parade:  This event will happen this Mothers Day weekend.  David has a bigger rig now that could seat people on hay bales.  The parade will probably be on Sunday, but we need to find out.  People can wear their KYBU shirts, and Emily will bring extra shirts for people to wear and either give them back afterward or buy them.  Robot DJ will wear a cowboy hat.  We need a saddle, etc.

Big Time:  The high school had its annual Big Time on Wednesday.  Emily attended and said we really need to buy a shade tent.  She will look at canopies the next time she goes to Costco.

Free Speech Radio News:  Per Max, FSRN is still active, still makes stories, and intends to produce the news again when they obtain enough funding.  The current replacement news is different and not very informative.  People are encouraged to look for a better replacement.

New People/New Shows:  Brittany and James are working on getting their show going and want to call it “The Dinner Hour” and air it around 8 to 9pm.  It would consist of fun facts, weather, music, and other things.   It would be recorded at first and later go live.  They will need to get four shows together to begin airing the show.

Evening Weather Report:  Josh is willing to do the evening weather report one or two days around 6:45 pm.

June 29th Party:   This free membership drive party will be held on Sunday, June 29, from 1 to 6pm in the walnut grove park behind the station.   The food and drinks will be free for KYBU members.  We are planning a carnival and are trying to find out what happened to the dunk tank so we could use it for a “Dunk the DJs” activity.  The rumor is that the dunk tank is dead but we need to find out.  We are open to more ideas but discussed having pony rides (Jennifer), a bouncing castle, piñatas, a guess your age booth, a fortune teller (Dixie), music, Mickey the Clown, etc.

Bulletin Board:  Sharon went over the bulletin board schedule.  There are a couple of open times that we still need to cover.

School Superintendent:  Sharon asked about interviews for the three candidates.  Paul is interested.  She knows Paul well and will try to contact the others (Kathy and Warren) to make them the same offer.  It’s short notice.  We could offer brief statements for now, or we wait until October to do more extensive interviews when it’s down to two candidates.

5/6/14 KYBU Meeting Notes