Radio Station Meeting

Library Community Room

6/10/14 – 5pm

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Attendees: Lew, Ryan, Clive, and Mary Jane



New People/New Shows

Party Food

Party Posters

New People/New Shows: Mary Jane reported one of the emails that came in was a Floydian Slip offer for the weekly show download. Since Lew was absent at the meeting when Emily introduced the Pink Floyd offer, attendees explained the show to Lew. We still need to decide where to fit it in, such as maybe after Dixie’s show.

Lew recalled that Mickey wanted to do a show, something short such as little snippets.

Lew will be gone on a job Wednesday, so he will do a re-run for his show.

FSN is repeating the same news over and over at 7:30. We need more than one person to know how to fix that. This could be worked on at one of our monthly workshops.

Mary Jane is working on a locally-produced show for the Raven Theater. The show is recorded but still needs some sound effects. She also recorded a couple more station IDs.

Drought Tips: An email also came in with drought tips 81 through 85 from the Mendocino County Health and Human Services Agency. These tips can be made into PSAs at a workshop.

 Party Food: Clive spoke unofficially with Olga about catering our party and she seemed interested.

Party Posters: Per Ryan, the posters are being printed right now. Lew will pick up the posters and see they get distributed by this weekend. We still need a PSA.

6/10/14 KYBU Meeting Notes