Radio Station Meeting

Library Community Room

6/3/14 – 5pm

Meeting Notes Corrections: Committee members who wish to correct these meeting notes, please send corrections to Please note that these are not minutes but personal notes that are not necessarily accurate or complete but hopefully helpful.

Attendees: Eric, Bill, Emily, Mary Jane, Clive, Ryan, Max, and David



New People/Shows

Inactive DJs



Tribal Liaison Report

New People/Shows: Per Emily, we were offered a free syndicated Pink Floyd show called “Floydian Slip” that includes Ad Council PSAs.

Joshie’s Staxx of Waxx show ran last night. He’s doing a good job.

Inactive DJs: We are working on a policy regarding inactive DJs who may be only running re-runs. After one year of no production, DJs could get bumped for new programmers and moved to a different spot. We may start having new programmers sign onto a commitment for a year at a time and old DJs would be required to recommit yearly. Further discussion was tabled for another meeting. We need a policy.

ERT: The Tribes is working on its ERT response. Some members have received CERT/FEMA training. We made a request of the Tribes via our tribal liaison Eric Hoaglin to consider us as part of their ERT as a media resource. Some KYBU volunteers are now on our ERT phone list, and we have a list of contacts for ERT information and resources. These documents are still being worked on, and drafts are being kept in the station’s administration in a binder on the shelf above the desk.


  • Sign: Ryan displayed on the movie screen several wonderful draft designs he created for the party flyer. We picked out three flyer designs for posters for the party. Ryan will make a few corrections that were suggested and will prepare a design for the 4×8 plywood sign at Poonkinney and Highway 162. Bill will ask permission to display it.
  • Games: Either pie face toss or dunk tank, corn hole (Joe’s), and toilet seat toss games. Members get a certain amount (such as five) free tickets. Tickets may be purchased at 25 cents per ticket or some many for $1, etc. All games will cost something, and we will have a certain margin of profit. Kids under age 10 will receive a certain amount of free tickets. We would need a plywood board for the pie toss.
  • Prizes: We will have new buttons, bean bag animals, crow charms, t-shirts, mugs, etc. Emily asked and received permission to spend $400 on prizes and supplies.
  • Food and Beverages: We will have drinks and food (food possibly from Olga).
  • MC: Mickey will get back to Emily about his schedule.

Tribal Liaison Report: Per Eric, back in January or so, he spoke with an FCC lady at a conference about our radio station and showed her our website. We should put a photo of our station on the website.  A discussion was held about Eric’s suggestion to broadcast information about voting, including, but not limited to, registration information. Eric is willing to head up this get out the vote campaign project with help from KYBU staff. We need to find out the last day to register and should probably start this in September for the November election.  The Tribes are still moving ahead with the Hidden Oaks Park improvements.

6/3/14 KYBU Meeting Notes