KYBU Meeting
Library Community Room
9/16/14 – 5:00pm

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Attendees: Emily, Mike, Jay, Sharon, Lew, Dixie, Max, Mary Jane and David


New/Old People/Shows
Party Recap
Pat Higgins
Bulletin Board
Indian Days

New/Old People/New Shows: None.

Party Recap: Per Dixie, Ellen wants to do a box lunch auction sometime. Emily reported that the party netted $4067.05. Emily passed around a thank-you list for any additions. It was suggested that we keep the same people to handle the membership table in the future to ensure accuracy. Another suggestion was to try to get all the names on one list. Rainbow and Emily will be on a conference call next week with the software vendor. If it is not working out in one year, we will look around for a different vendor. There was a miscommunication with Olga regarding the food for the party. Lew will ask Mario to help resolve this matter. A discussion was held about how great the pie toss turned out.

Football: Lew will contact Clive about training next week to help with the October 24 and November 1 game broadcasts.

Supervisors: Holly is booked for an 8pm interview with Lew. Lew emailed an offer to Tom Woodhouse.

Pat Higgins: There is a salmon symposium coming up. Lew will do an 8pm call-in show with Pat Higgins in October.

Bulletin Board: Per Sharon, the Bulletin Board is set for the rest of the month. She will get with Sandy to see if Sandy can do the first two weeks in October.

Indian Days: Emily passed around a sign-up sheet for the Health Fair on Friday, September 26, the parade on Saturday, and Indian Days at Hidden Oaks Park on Saturday from 12 to 5pm.

Adopt-A-Highway Program: KYBU is joining the annual Caltrans cleanup event on Saturday, September 20, Volunteers are invited to meet at 10am at the Farmers Market Coffee shop on Howard before carpooling to Inspiration Point to clean up litter on the Highway 162 turnouts for both sides of the two miles assigned to KYBU. Wear long pants and sturdy boots and bring water. Volunteers must follow Caltrans safety rules. Call 983-9319 with any questions.

9/16/14 KYBU Meeting Notes