Programmers Meeting

Covelo Library Community Room

9/2/14 – 6:30pm

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Attendees: Lew, Dixie, Emily, Russ, Ryan, Max, Bill, Mary Jane, Arvid, Daniel, Clive, Kramer, and Judah




Studio Use


DJ Support


DJ Feedback

Next Meeting

Studio Use: Emily facilitated a discussion about studio use and responsibilities. We reviewed our prior decisions about what goes on inside and outside the studio and the add-on that pets are to be outside the studio. KYBU volunteers need to explain studio use to their guests, including but limited to what goes on inside is making radio and where drinks should be placed to avoid damage to equipment.

 PSAs: Max will contact Megaseg to see if we can have an end date for our PSAs to stop old PSAs from airing past their end dates.

DJ Support: A discussion was held about how we can help support DJs. Arvid has almost all his music on Megaseg and wants to go live for his Saturday 9pm show with Lew’s help. Some of Arvid’s shows need to be edited to remove dates so they can be replayed.

Judah and Kramer will work on step-by-step instructions on how to record a live show using Audacity.

Volunteering: Emily facilitated a discussion about how DJs can volunteer with other tasks and passed around a signup sheet of many task options, such as acting as emergency engineers or learning how to engineer at games, cleanup in and around the studio, helping with membership parties, helping with the bulletin board, participating in our Adopt-A-Highway Program, etc.  A brief discussion was held about how many hours of volunteer time should be asked for in exchange for the privilege of having a show, such as four hours a month.

DJ Feedback: We need to get Cindy Hoaglen’s music for Chuk and Mud Cat’s show. Mary Jane is willing to provide material and music as well for Chuk and Mud Cat.

Dakh is starting to work again on his show.

Daniel is willing to work with Ty.

Next Meeting: The next quarterly programmers meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 2 at 6pm in the Library Commons Room.

9/2/14 KYBU Programmer’s Meeting Notes