KYBU Meeting

Library Community Room

9/30/14 – 5:00pm


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Attendees: Lew, Emily, Max D., Daniel, Mary Jane, and Max McC.





New/Old People/Shows


Equipment Budget

December Party

Adopt-A-Highway Program

Indian Days

Workshop Sunday



New/Old People/New Shows:

  • Max McC. wants to make a show. He’s been on Daniel’s show and Laufer’s show and is looking at having a show right after Judah’s show.
  • Chuk and Mud Cat are in the studio right now making a show using


Budget/Improvements: Per Lew, we need to determine our budget for the next eight months so we can determine what we equipment we can buy and still leave a fat fund for what might come up. Emily and Lew will work on it with a deadline of end of October. Per Emily, we haven’t brought in as much money as we did last year.


Candidates: Woodhouse is scheduled for Tuesday, October 7. Madrigal is scheduled for Tuesday, October 14. Lew is working on a method to cover Laytonville’s candidate night on October 9. If we record, we could play it on October 21. Daniel is willing to be in the studio if KMUD’s not going to air it.


Equipment Budget: Max is still working on purchasing an emergency transmitter (PCS Electronics, possibly 200 watt). We need a wish list of equipment we want.


December Party: A brief discussion was held regarding scheduling our December party. We settled on Saturday, December 6, and need to book the room. Lew will contact “Fox Blues Band” in Oakland.


Adopt-A-Highway Program: Mary Jane went over our participation log. We participated twice in 2012 (October and December). In 2013, we participated four times. That completes our required six times a year.   So far in 2014, we have participated six times and decided to schedule at least one more cleanup on November 8, weather permitting.


Indian Days Recap:

  • Health Fair: Jay was at the Health Fair but no one else volunteered, so he didn’t table there.
  • Parade: The lineup was about three blocks long and continued around the corner. David transported folks on his flatbed truck, and we won a second place ribbon. Ginny fringed up Robot DJ and made a three-foot pow wow drum. Thank you, KYBU volunteers!
  • Saturday at Hidden Oaks Park: Mary Jane tabled for KYBU for about four hours amid a very large crowd.


Workshop Recap: No one showed up needing help.

9/30/14 KYBU Meeting Notes