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The Round Valley Indian Tribes and their Yuki Committee are in need of your support! Letters of support for AB 1936 are encouraged. They are asking UC Hasting School of Law to change their name to UC Powe n’om School of Law, to revitalize lost language and culture as a result of the college’s founder and California’s first Supreme Court Justice.

How to tell the legislature: “I support AB 1936”


1. Go to the California Legislature Position Letter Portal: and
2. Create an account.
3. After you sign in, the portal will open up. Then, you can address both the AB 1936 and SB 1288 on this page. You can submit a letter or just write in the box.



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Round Valley Yuki Tribe Facebook Page

Assembly Bill 1936 University of California: Hastings College of the Law – Bill Text

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Sample Letters (sourced from the Round Valley – Yuki Tribe Facebook Page)

The Honorable Jose Medina
Chair, Assembly Committee on Higher Education
1020 N Street, Room 173
Sacramento, CA 95814
RE: UC Hastings Name Change and AB 1936
Dear Chair Medina:
On behalf of (INSERT GROUP) we express our strong support for AB 1936 (Ramos, 2022) and the open and transparent process proposed to rename the University of California Hastings College of the Law. As you may well know, the namesake of the College was responsible for the massacre and subsequent land theft of the Yuki Indian people. The wealth he created from those actions allowed him to help found the College. Therefore, we believe changing the name of the college and enacting true, effective restorative justice for the Yuki Indian people establishes the best path toward true healing of past wrongs.Historically, Native American tribes have always been excluded in decision-making about issues that involve our history and shared trauma. The shameful history of Serranus Hastings is not a unique episode for California’s tribes. We share a history of stolen lands and a “divide and conquer” approach that pits tribe against tribe. In these tumultuous times, it is more essential than ever that California Indian Country stand united behind the Round Valley Tribal Council and Yuki Indian people in their quest for restorative justice and meaningful acknowledgment of the past.We urge your support for AB 1936, which allows for an open and transparent process to select a new name for the College and ensures measures of restorative justice for the Round Valley and Yuki people, victims of the atrocities committed by Serranus Hastings.

I oppose SB 1288 because:
1. It was authored for direct opposition to AB 1936,
2. By dropping the name, Hastings, from the legal name: Hastings College of the Law, the college would still be able to use the brand name of San Francisco College of the Law just as it presently uses the brand name, UC Hastings College of the Law,
3. SB 1288 does NOT have input from the Round Valley Tribal Council nor the Yuki Committee from the Round Valley Indian Reservation,
4. The Round Valley Tribal Council and Yuki Committee do not agree with the replacement name of San Francisco as it is associated with atrocities to Native peoples quite like Serranus Hastings,
5. SB 1288 has eliminated restorative justice initiatives for the Yuki descendants,
6. Dean Faigman, without permission, has given the authors of this Bill the negotiated and agreed upon work from AB 1936 so they might circumvent meetings with the Round Valley Tribal Council and Yuki Committee, and
7. Though directed by Chair Leyva of the Senate Education Committee, the Senators, Umberg, Hertzberg and Wiener, have not met with the Yuki Committee, not once.