KYBU: Round Valley Community Radio broadcasts a mix of music, news, interviews, and locally-relevant information to the community of Round Valley.  KYBU fills the communication gap between community members and creates a forum for community, business and public service announcements.  KYBU volunteers provide training for those new to radio production, providing the opportunity for any individual or group a way to share music or ideas.  KYBU rebroadcasts local and nationally syndicated news and talk shows on a variety of topics, adding to the continuing education of community members.  KYBU is inclusive – everyone is welcome to help support our mission statement by volunteering, becoming a member or business underwriter or sponsoring the station.

Mission Statement

As a nonprofit volunteer organization, KYBU community radio station will focus on programming that is informative, engaging, entertaining, empowering, inspiring, and respectful of the diversity of its listeners while preserving local cultural history and encouraging wellness, prosperity, and a greater sense of community.

Vision Statement

KYBU provides a forum for sharing information pertinent to the Round Valley community in a manner that is inclusive and progressive; to help our community become more unified; to increase our knowledge and experience through new radio technology; and to provide ongoing training for local volunteers seeking to become involved, thereby developing new technical and leadership skills.

KYBU is a project of the nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation, the Friends of the Round Valley Public Library.

KYBU Founders Club

These individuals, businesses, and organizations were instrumental in bringing community radio to Round Valley! Their financial support purchased the first wave of broadcast and studio equipment, and covered the costs associated with obtaining a broadcast license.

Raven: KOZT FM Fort Bragg, Ginny Chichester
Crow: M&M Feed, Warren Johnson, James Ast
Pinyon Jay: Bunnysmoke Records, In Memory of Verne Peckham, Great Oaks Ranch LLC, Black Butte River Ranch, Round Valley Growers Association, Rt. Rev. Diddlingsworth Stellar’s Jay: Round Valley Indian Health Center, Northern Builders Supply, Garden Manufacturer’s Direct
Nutcracker: Ganges Naturals, Round Valley Precision, Round Valley Farm Repair, Hearthshire, Summit Realty, Greetings from Cathy, Emilia Cutrer, Lew Chichester,
Sandra Wake and Howard Wenz