For Mendocino County

Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Rocky Fire in Lake County continues to degrade air quality for most of Mendocino County and will continue to influence the air quality until the fire is out. Currently the fire burned 69,600 acres and is 40% contained.

Pockets of isolated intense heat still remain near the Rocky Fire containment lines. Firefighters continue to work aggressively to build control lines and sustain perimeter control. However, new fire activity and wind directions can change at any time. It is advised to be prepared and stay informed.

Regional weather patterns will carry smoke from the Rocky Fire and active Humboldt County fires to Mendocino County for the duration of these wildfires. Also, these fires are being felt from Coastal California to Western Nevada. Impacts to the air quality will be most noticeable in the late evening to early morning hours should they occur.

Currently, smoke concentrations continue to average in the ‘Good’ to ‘Moderate’ AQI range with short periods of ‘Unhealthy For Sensitive Groups’ in specific areas. Lower elevation valley and drainage areas may experience episodes of ‘Unhealthy For Sensitive Groups’ air quality at times, dependent upon wind direction and temperatures.

Smoke in heavy concentrations can cause eye and throat irritation, coughing, and difficulty breathing. People who are at greatest risk of experiencing symptoms due to smoke include: those with respiratory disease (such as asthma), those with heart disease, young children, and older adults. These sensitive populations should stay indoors and avoid prolonged activity. All others should limit prolonged or heavy activity and time spent outdoors. Even healthy adults can be affected by smoke

Persons experiencing any of the following symptoms should contact a health care provider:
Headache; Repeated Coughing; Chest Tightness Or Pain; Difficulty In Breathing; or Nausea.

Information regarding the most current air quality readings and related information can be found on the District web site at