Ukiah, California… October 23, 2015
Appointment of Katharine L. Elliott as
Mendocino County’s Acting County Counsel
Mendocino County Chief Executive Officer Carmel J. Angelo announced today that the
Board of Supervisors has unanimously appointed Deputy County Counsel, Katharine L.
Elliott, as Acting County Counsel. The appointment was made on October 20, 2015,
with an effective of October 25, 2015. Supervisor Carre Brown, representing the 1st
District and current Board Chair, commented on the Board’s action stating, “On behalf
of the Board, I know we are all looking forward to working with Ms. Elliott in her new
role, knowing that she brings with her both experience and passion for the work she
Ms. Elliott has over 27 years of legal experience, including private and public sector
work. In addition to serving as a Deputy County Counsel in Mendocino County, she
served as Deputy Public Defender in Tulare County for 10 years, Assistant Public
Defender in Mendocino County for four years, and had a solo law practice for 13 years
in which she handled both criminal and civil cases, dependency and juvenile matters,
and state and federal matters. Ms. Elliott stated: “I am genuinely grateful to have been
chosen for this position. I believe that my management background and my extensive
litigation experience will be an asset to this office. I am looking forward to serving
Mendocino through my work with the Board of Supervisors.”
Ms. Elliott graduated from Santa Barbara College of Law and resides in Redwood

Appointment of Katharine L. Elliott as Mendocino County’s Acting County Counsel