News Release
October 9, 2015

Fire Restrictions Lifted for Mendocino National Forest
WILLOWS, Calif. – Fire restrictions on the Mendocino National Forest will be lifted at 12:01 a.m. Saturday as a result of lower temperatures and increased humidity in the area.

Visitors with a valid California Campfire Permit will once again be able to have fires outside of designated campgrounds.

The fire restrictions were put in place July 2 due to increased fire danger and hot, dry weather.

“The Mendocino National Forest has been very fortunate this season to not have a large wildfire, despite hot weather and ongoing drought conditions,” said Forest Supervisor Ann Carlson.  “This success is partially due to the care taken by Forest visitors with campfires, stoves and other items that can create a spark.  We want to thank Forest visitors for their assistance and ask that they continue to help us prevent human-caused wildfires on the Mendocino National Forest.

Despite the change in weather, fire season is not officially over.  Visitors are asked to continue to be careful when using campfires, charcoal fires and gas stoves in the National Forest.  When you have a campfire, please do the following:

·         Clear all flammable material away from the fire for a minimum of 5 feet in all directions to prevent escape of the fire.

·         Have a shovel available at the campfire site for preparing and extinguishing campfires.

·         Have a responsible person in attendance at all times.

·         Extinguish campfire with water, drowning the fire, stirring the coals and ash, and feeling for heat or warm spots; continue the process until the coals and ash are cold.

California Campfire Permits are free and may be obtained at any Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management or CAL FIRE office in California, as well as most Forest Service field employees. The may also be obtained online at

For more information, please contact the Mendocino National Forest at 530-934-3316 or visit


Fire Restrictions Lifted for Mendocino National Forest