From Julia Healy,  Fresh Food Advocate at Yuki Trails:

I manage the Community Garden (behind Yuki Trails) and the monthly Food Pantry. I have created a newsletter called Healthy Covelo to report on all things health-related going on in the valley, and to create a calendar which includes all public events. I just made the very first one for March, and I would like to share it with you all!
Here is a link to the document (saved on GoogleDocs), and there will be physical copies available soon around town (I am hoping the library, the coffee shop, and maybe a few other places will have free copies available for everyone).

Here is the link to the Healthy Covelo Newsletter

Also, please like our Facebook page, titled Round Valley Community Garden and Food Pantry.

I appreciate any suggestions or feedback, and will be able to add to and edit the online version of the newsletter as I hear of more events and things to include!

Thank you in advance for checking it out!

Healthy Covelo Newsletter