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Stacey Cryer, Director

Press Release

Date: September 9, 2014



Legionnaires’ Update


Mendocino County Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA) Public Health was notified that 3 people were hospitalized with Legionnaires’ Disease in the Ukiah area; currently, all 3 people have been discharged and to date, there are no additional confirmed cases. The only common factor in the Public Health investigation thus far is that all three individuals stayed at the Discovery Inn in Ukiah between June and August.


Legionella bacteria grows in drinking water systems, hot tubs, decorative fountains, and cooling towers. The Discovery Inn water systems were tested, and the results are inconclusive as to the presence of the legionella bacteria. HHSA Environmental Health staff continue to work with the property owner of the Discovery Inn.


HHSA Public Health has been notified that on August 25, 2014, the precautionary work to disinfect the water lines at the Discovery Inn was completed by Weeks Drilling and Pump Company of Sebastopol, California which specializes in regulated public water systems. The water main line that serves the main office and kitchen, hotel rooms and the spa room have been flushed with chlorinated water. All water dispensing appliances, hose bibs, toilets, showers, sinks and ice machines were tested in these buildings and achieved the chlorination level necessary for disinfection.


HHSA Environmental Health staff approved for three (3) of the spas to be placed back into service last week. The fountain was treated and the pool drained.

HHSA would like to thank the Discovery Inn for its cooperation and all those who have worked to ensure the health of the public during this period of investigation.

HHSA – Legionnaires’ Update