KYBU Meeting Notes
Round Valley Public Library

Attendees: Scott, Emily, Mike, Lew, Sharon, Max, Clive, Kramer

New People/New Shows
Scott wants to have a show. He filled out a program application and is working with Ryan and other DJs to learn. He is here until January.
Mike wants to lengthen his show to 9pm-11pm on Mondays starting 11/10/14. His 1 year anniversary will be on Halloween – Mike will DJ from 5pm to 7pm on Halloween.

EAS – Fixed.
Per Max and Lew, the Emergency Alert System is fixed and the log shows that tests have been sent.

HS Football.
Lew and Kramer helped broadcast the homecoming game. The next game is Saturday, November 1st at 1pm. Clive will sit in the studio.

Mike will DJ from 5pm to 7pm. War of the Worlds will play at 8pm. Djs and volunteers are welcome to come hand out candy to trick or treaters. It might be raining. Mario and Mary Jane decorated the studio and Daniel brought hay bales and gourds to decorate the outside. Happy Halloween!

12.13.14 Party
Lew is waiting on confirmation from Fox Blues Band. Lew will ask at the next Friend’s meeting to get a liquor license. We’ll start emailing/postering/postcarding on and around November 18.

Bulletin Board
Sandy will cover the first two weeks in November, Sharon has the next two covered.

Street Feed.
A neighbor requested that the outdoor speaker be turned off at night. A timer will be installed to turn it off and back on again in the morning.

Poonkinney Peggy’s weather report was cut off last week by Native America Calling. It will be moved earlier.

Friday Night.
Clive suggested that we contact Groove Central and ask if they are planning on continuing to create a daytime ready program, and if so, he suggests we move Friday night to be:
8pm Earthsongs
9pm Groove Central
10pm Dakh Side
11pm Basement Tapes

Files on Laptop
The studio laptop has the updated Programmer’s Guide & Application and other useful documents located in the “Documents” folder

KYBU Meeting Notes 10/27/14