MCOG awarded $3 million for Covelo projects; Ukiah rail trail project gets $1.8 million

The California Transportation Commission approved a combined $3 million in funding for two Mendocino Council of Governments projects Wednesday at its meeting in Oakland.

MCOG said it was at least the second year in a row that the CTC awarded money from the state’s Active Transportation Program to support one of its multi-purpose trail projects in Covelo.

Last year, MCOG received $847,000 for environmental work and non-infrastructure work that included community and schools, safety and education for Phase 1 of its Highway 162 Corridor Multi-Purpose Trail Project.

The two MCOG projects awarded were among 87 grants funded under the statewide competition. A third Mendocino County project, the Northwestern Pacific Rail Trail Phase 2 project, was also awarded $1.8 million to the city of Ukiah. MCOG stated this project will extend Ukiah’s newly completed rail-with-trail facility from Gobbi Street southward to the commercial area at Commerce Street.

On Wednesday, MCOG stated it received $2 million from the CTC for design, right-of-way and construction for Phase 1 of the Covelo project, which will construct a bicycle and pedestrian trail parallel to Highway 162 from Howard Street to Biggar Lane in Round Valley.

The second project awarded was for Phase 2, in which nearly $1.25 million was granted by the CTC for all project components through construction to extend the Phase 1 bicycle and pedestrian facility from Biggar Lane northward to Hurt Road, according to MCOG.

“We thank the hardworking staff and commissioners for helping to protect the safety of our 3rd District citizens and encouraging a healthy lifestyle in Round Valley,” Mendocino County 3rd District Supervisor Tom Woodhouse stated.

Construction of a bicycle and pedestrian trail physically separated from Highway 162 was MCOG’s top priority identified in its Covelo/Round Valley Non-Motorized Needs Assessment and Engineered Feasibility Study because of a history of pedestrian and bicycle collisions in the area that have resulted in fatalities.

The Round Valley tribes have also agreed to permanently maintain all trail segments that lie on tribal lands, according to MCOG. Remaining segments of the new facility will be constructed within state right-of-way along Highway 162, but separated from vehicle travel lanes. An east-west trail within tribal lands connecting Henderson Lane with the primary trail along Highway 162 will also be constructed with Phase 1 funding, MCOG stated.

MCOG awarded $3 million for Covelo projects; Ukiah rail trail project gets $1.8 million