Radio Station Meeting

Library Community Room

7/1/14 – 5pm

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Attendees: Joshie, Mike, Daniel, Bob, Dixie, Bill, Lew, Emily, Kramer, Max, and Mary Jane



New People/Shows

Kate Wolf

Brendon Phillips

Pacifica Shows

Workshop Recap




New Party Date

Blackberry Festival


PSAs Binder

New People/Shows: Emily will send Bob the headphones link.

Kate Wolf: Daniel suggested having a booth at next year’s Kate Wolf Festival.

Brendon Phillips: Daniel met a relative of Utah Phillips, and he might come play here.

Pacifica Shows: Max provided a list of possible shows to fill the half-hour slots. Folks need to listen to these and come up with four recommendations so we can choose from the four.

Workshop Recap: Two people showed up so Max worked with Bob, and Emily worked with Mary Jane.

Speakers: Lew installed an outside speaker and may install another speaker sometime in another direction. Thank you, Lew for installing it and Duane for donating it.

Clocks: Clive moved the clocks to the Admin room. Thank you, Clive

AAHP: The next KYBU litter cleanup is scheduled for Saturday, July 19.

New Party Date: The membership drive party is rescheduled for Sunday, September 14. Emily will try to book Mickey the Clown.

Blackberry Festival: Emily will apply for a booth. Lew wants to apply for a second booth.

Megaseg: On Thursday, Max will show Daniel how to download a Saturday show. Lew said everyone should know how to do this. This should be part of maintenance and has to be done on a live show. Max will write up instructions.

PSAs Binder: We are looking for more pages to develop a binder for “PSAs for Live DJs” that would contain current fill-in type information. Everyone is invited to contribute. It was suggested we have a committee to maintain the binder. Dixie is willing to work on the binder.

Meeting Notes 7/1/14