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  • Monday, January 20, 2014 – Indoor Air Quality: Is The Air In Your Home Safe?
    In many communities, the arrival of winter means people are spending more time inside homes and buildings. Without proper ventilation, indoor air pollutants can rise to unhealthy levels and prolonged exposure can result in serious health problems. What do you know about your home’s ventilation system? Is the air you are breathing in your home healthy or do you think it might be making you sick? We’ll discuss the importance of indoor air quality and look at the steps some tribes are taking to make sure their community members are living…and breathing in healthy homes. Guests include: A.J. Aslkoski and Patrick Bloecher, project managers with the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium’s Healthy Homes Program, Mansel Nelson, program coordinator of the Indoor Air Quality In Tribal Communities Program, Brian Hanson, specialist with the National Radon Program Services at KSU. Twa-le Abrahamson (Spokane), air quality coordinator for the Spokane tribe.
  • Tuesday, January 21, 2014 – Legalizing Marijuana: What Does Native America Think?
    Colorado and Washington State now allow the sale of recreational marijuana within their borders, but the sale of cannabis is still illegal under federal law. What do you think about these new laws? Is your state considering legislation to allow recreational marijuana sales? What’s the stance of your tribe or Alaska Native Corporation? Do you think allowing for the sale and possession of recreational marijuana is good for communities? Guests include: Harry Smiskin (S’miss-kin) Yakama Nation, Tribal Chairman of the Yakama Nation and Alex White Plume (Oglala Lakota), former president and vice-president of the Oglala Lakota Nation.
  • Wednesday, January 22, 2014: The Big Three: Sugar
    Over the next three weeks, Native America Calling will examine how the ingredients sugar, salt and fat are part of the obesity crisis in Native America. We will hear from nutritionists, cultural practitioners, medical providers, academics, and everyday people who are making decisions and educating others in their communities about the health impacts of salt, sugar and fat. Today our focus is sugar. How was sugar used traditionally and how is our consumption of sugar different today? What are some of the myths about sugar? Is it possible to eat sugar in moderation or are foods manufactured to make us want more and more? Guests include: Dr. Rachel K. Johnson, professor of nutrition, University of Vermont.
  • Thursday, January 22, 2014: Truth vs. Myth: Cold and Flu Remedies
    According to the CDC, this year’s flu season is average so far but health officials still recommend that certain groups of people get vaccinated. Have you been hit by a cold or flu this season? What advice did you get from your friends and family? Did someone tell you to cut an onion in half and put it in your bedroom overnight? Or what about putting on cold wet socks? We will bring you accurate information about the best cold and flu remedies. We’ll also dispel some myths about home treatment of the flu. You can call in with your remedies and suggestions. How are you staying healthy this flu season?
  • Friday, January 24, 2014 – January Book of the Month: “Spirit On The Run”
    DJ Eagle Bear Vanas is known throughout Native America for his work as a motivational speaker, leader and storyteller. This month we bring you his latest publication “Spirit On The Run.” It’s a novel that follows the life of his character Derek, a Native man who’s troubled by his painful past and is forced to face it in a unique way. The critics are hailing it as a captivating read that weaves suspense, family drama, and spiritual adventure together in an entrancing way. Vanas, an Odawa Nation tribal member, calls on his work in encouraging people to look within and on one’s culture to find strength and balance. Join us as we visit with our January Book of the Month Author – DJ Eagle Bear Vanas.
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