Radio Station Meeting

Covelo Library Community Room

8/19/14 – 5pm


Meeting Notes Corrections: Committee members who wish to correct these meeting notes, please send corrections to Please note that these are not minutes but personal notes that are not necessarily accurate or complete but hopefully helpful.


Attendees: Max, Jay, Lew, Sharon, Dixie, Emily, Daniel, Imil, Mary Jane, and Bill





New People/New Shows

Bulletin Board

Blackberry Festival Recap

Labor Day Rodeo

September 14 Party

October Candidate Interviews

AAHP Annual Cleanup

Equipment Wish List

Programmers Meeting



New People/Shows: Unfortunately, Imil’s computer crashed but he has all of Jay’s shows on his Time Machine. Emily reminded us all to back up your files.


Suzanne had been working with Max on Tuesdays. Her show will start really soon.


Lindsey and Jason (not sure about the names) from Willits met Lew at the Blackberry Festival. They are DJs, musicians, programmers, comedians, masterful at PSAs, want to do a show, and have computer access. They have a large vinyl collection of 60s and 70s music and would like a “safe harbor” slot. They will need to shadow a DJ, make four backup shows, pick a slot, and fill out a programmer application.


Bulletin Board: Sharon did this week’s bulletin board and will do next week’s. She will email Sandy to see what her schedule is.


Blackberry Festival Recap: Today, Emily deposited $1685 cash from the festival. Eight hundred came from memberships and $805 from swag and donations. Saturday brought in $970, and Sunday $715. Forty-five came from the donations can (some of that was from buttons and stickers).


We are out of mugs now and need a new design for shirts for the December party. Emily will buy more raven puppets, buttons, and mugs for the September party.


The broadcast went well, especially on Sunday after the transmission table and equipment were moved closer to the corner where the feed was much better. We want to ask permission for next year to locate the broadcasting there and get one booth.


Emily posted photos from the event on our KYBU Facebook page.


Labor Day Rodeo: Jay will ask Brandi O’Farrell if there will be a parade this year.


September 14 Party: Per Emily, the dates on the party posters still need to be changed. We would like to put up a sign on the corner of Poonkinney and Highway 162. Someone took Bill’s board from there. Bill will call Mary Lou about the Blackberry Festival sign that is still up there.


The Candalaria CD is available for DJs to promote the party. We need to find out the correct pronunciation of Candalaria. Daniel will contact the band group regarding the equipment and contract. Emily will email the contract to Daniel.


We need lots of volunteers for this event.


Broken Feather would like to play, but we need to find out about the equipment first.


Daniel will do a promo. Emily will provide Daniel with a script.


Emily will ask Sheriff Tom Allman to do a one-time pie in the face via an auction for the highest bidder.


October Candidate Interviews: Per Sharon, she emailed Paul J.P. and Warren G. (candidates for the Board of Education) to see if they still want to be interviewed by KYBU. This could be similar to the call-in interviews of the Board of Supervisors that Lew did. Sharon will look again at what Paul sent her back in May. It’s possible that Lew and Sharon could both interview the BOE and BOS candidates in October. John Pinches retires in January and would like to do a wrap-up interview in December.


AAHP Annual Cleanup: Caltrans sent a letter inviting our participation in the annual AAHP cleanup on September 20. Tonight’s attendees approved our participation. This is part of the annual coastal cleanup with the focus of keeping our waterways clean.


Equipment Wish List: Lew began a discussion about what equipment we want next.


We would like a backup transmitter, such as a 100-watt transmitter with XLRN and coax out. Max will look for one and either bring a receipt or bring options for discussion. Per Max, we will need to change the antenna.


Emily has the software for certain needed programs, such as Excel, and will install it in the computer by the printer.


Since KYBU airs 24/7 at 800 watts, we need backup power, such as a propane generator with a propane tank. The generator should be a standard one that starts up automatically when power gets low and starts up one day a week for a few minutes as a test run. Lew figures the budget for the generator and propane tank (such as a 250-gallon tank) would be around $4,000. Tom Allman already donated $1,000 toward a generator. Thank you, Tom1


Eventually, we would like solar panels on the roof (gird tie) and batteries (costly).


We still would like a Lock card system.


Emily suggested we have a special budget meeting about our equipment wish list.


Programmers Meeting: A mandatory programmers meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 2, at 6:30pm. The focus will be on reexamining our radio station rules that were set up by the programmers and any other topics that programmers would like to discuss. Daniel and Emily will work on contacting all programmers.

Radio Station Meeting Covelo Library Community Room 8/19/14 – 5pm