The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office is continuing to update the following social media sites in regards to the current winter storm impacting Mendocino County: (from smartphones)

There has been a hash tag established so people can follow updates/get information on the storm at #WXMendoStorm14 via twitter.

The following is the current major incident log for the WXMENDOSTORM14 event:

Op Period # – Date :  12/11/14

Overall Event Name:  WXMENDOSTORM14

12/11/14        Fort Bragg      Schools closed – May be a building down

12/11/14        Potter Valley   West Road flooded from the 11000 BLK

12/11/14        Mendocino       Schools closed

12/11/14        Point Arena     Schools Closed

12/11/14        Willits Mud Slide, Sherwood Road ½ mile up from 101, road closed both directions

12/11/14        Fort Bragg      Wind Damage to building

12/11/14        Point Arena     Eureka Hill Road closed at MPM 5

12/11/14        Calpella        E/S Calpella Road closed at MPM 1.25

12/11/14        Hopland HWY 175 partial flooding, still open

12/11/14        Boonville       Anderson Valley Schools Closed

12/11/14        Leggett Leggett Valley Schools closed

12/11/14 at 07:05AM     Ukiah   Bevins Court

12/11/14 at 07:05AM     Hopland HWY 175 – CLOSED

12/11/14 at 07:28AM     Mendo Coast     Approx 3,000 customers out of power

12/11/14 at 07:45AM     Ukiah   S/B HWY 101 @ Talmage – Traffic Collision

12/11/14 at 07:48AM     County-wide     Area flooding county wide – minimal road closures at this time

12/11/14 at 07:59AM     Albion  Power lines down, structure fire on Albion Ridge Road

12/11/14 at 08:02AM     Fort Bragg      Misc Storm related issues, nothing significant, all service open

12/11/14 at 08:12AM     Willits Sherwood Road Open to one-way traffic

12/11/14 at 08:12AM     Willits Commercial Street closed between Maddon and Bray

12/11/14 at 08:19AM     Redwood Valley  East Road and Road C – roadway flooding

12/11/14 at 08:20AM     Hopland HWY 101 @ Comminsky Station Road – Road hazard

12/11/14 at 08:22AM     Talmage Russian River spilling into local orchards, road still open

12/11/14 at 08:48AM     Tamage   Flooding on Talmage Court

12/11/14 at 08:53AM     Talmage Talmage Road to close in the next hour

12/11/14/ 08:53AM       Ukiah   Oak Manor area – flooding starting, more water to come

12/11/14 at 08:58AM     Ukiah   Babcock Lane – flooding City

12/11/14 at 09:13AM     Navaro  HWY128 expected to close by approx 11 am

12/11/14 at 09:17AM     Willits Sherwood open both lanes

12/11/14 at 09:20AM     Brooktrails     Some local flooding but no major issues

12/11/14 at 09:22AM     Fort Bragg      No major issues, crews on-duty to keep roads clear

12/11/14 at 09:25AM     Willits Several local streets closed due to flooding, constantly changing

12/11/1 at 09:27AM      Navarro HWY 128 is now closed

12/11/14 at 09:33AM     Ukiah   Riverside park closed due to flooding, water coming up East Gobbi Street

12/11/14 at 09:36AM     Talmage Sanford Ranch Road flooding, threatening homes

12/11/14 at 09:55AM     Talmage Talmage area schools are being closed now

12/11/14 at 09:55AM     Talmage Shelter to open soon at MCOE on Eastside Road

12/11/14 at 09:56AM     Ukiah   Babcock Lane closed due to flooding

12/11/14 at 10:02AM     Ukiah   Oak Manor is not currently flooding – but water is rising

12/11/14 at 10:02AM     Ukiah   EOC recommends Ukiah Unified to close schools prior to further flooding

12/11/14 at 10:13AM     Point Arena     Port Road is closed due to flooding

12/11/14 at 10:17AM     Talmage Standing water of 6” on Talmage near Russian River, road not closed yet

12/11/14 at 10:20AM     Ukiah   Plans in process to close Oak Manor School

12/11/14 at 10:24AM     Hopland HWY 175 (Mountain house Road) Land slide S/B lane @ MPM 5.5

12/11/14 at 10:33AM     Ukiah   Ukiah Unified to close all schools, Sending out a message to parents to pick up children, will run buses at normal times

12/11/14 at 10:36AM     Hopland Russian River currently at 19’ expected to rise to 23’ by mid afternoon, may affect HWY 101

12/11/14 at 10:36AM     Ukiah   Oak Manor school to remain open until children are picked up, if water causes issues children will be moved to
Grace Hudson school until they are picked up

12/11/14 at 10:40AM     Ukiah   Perkins Street closed due to flooding

12/11/4 at 10:46AM      Ukiah   River Oak Charter School closing in response to Ukiah Unified closure

12/11/14 at 10:48AM     Talmage MCOE closing and sending staff home

12/11/14 at 10:48AM     Talmage Shelter being set up at MCOE

12/11/14 at 10:54AM     Point Arena     HWY 1 closed at Garcia River due to flooding

12/11/14 at 11:07AM     Ukiah   St. Mary school closed

12/11/14 at 11:08AM     Ukiah   Hillside Community Clinic closing

12/11/14 at 11:10AM     Ukiah   Rock slide, S/B HWY 101 MPM 15.11 (just north of Crowfoot Ranch)

Storm Updates from Mendocino County Sheriff