Beginning Wednesday, November 5, 2014, and the first Wednesday of each month thereafter, the Office of Emergency Services will test the Tsunami Sirens that have been placed in the Fort Bragg and Point Arena areas.
If you live in or near the City of Fort Bragg or the City of Point Arena you may hear the siren emitting a full „wail‰ for 5 seconds and will then wind down for about 20 seconds until it comes to a stop.

In the event of a real Tsunami event the siren will „wail‰ ramping up for 5 seconds, then down for 5 seconds, and continuing this pattern for 3 minutes.

The Office of Emergency Services will conduct a monthly testing of the Tsunami Sirens System to help ensure the sirens functionality and reliability. When the sirens are not used for long periods of time they
can corrode, increasing the possibility of malfunction. Monthly testing lessens the likelihood that corrosion will take place.

If there is a real earthquake in the Pacific Ocean that has the potential to generate tsunami for our coastline the test will be cancelled.  For more information on how to survive an earthquake or prepare for a tsunami please visit the following website .

For questions please contact the Office of Emergency Services at (707) 463-5667 or e-mail at

Approved By: Liz Evangelatos

Tsunami Sirens Test