Monday, February 16, 2015 – *Encore: Smoke Signals Reunion*
It’s been more than 16 years since the film “Smoke Signals” made its way to audiences around the country. The film has become a beloved classic among both Native and non-Native audiences and is hailed for its view on the modern day life of Native Americans. What has this film meant to you over the years? Can you recite scenes from it word for word? Did this film change perceptions of Native Americans? We invite you to an encore presentation of this hour when we were joined by “Smoke Signals” cast, crew and some fans. You can share your thoughts about the film on our Facebook page.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015 – Racism Against Our Children
Last month, a group of middle school students from the American Horse School on the Oglala Lakota Nation left a hockey game after a group of fans allegedly assaulted the students with beer and racial slurs. Authorities are currently investigating the incident. Some suggest the acts were hate crimes or even child abuse. Tensions are running high and many are asking what can be done to protect our Native children from such hate. Do you talk to the children in your life about racism? What can be done to help our young people deal with racism and heal after it enters their lives?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015 – Fight Over Eagle Feathers
Eagles are a sacred animal to many Native tribes and their feathers are an important part of our blessings, prayers, ceremonies and other cultural events. Now that The Bald and Golden Eagle Act and 50 CFR 22 laws are in place, eagle feathers and parts or harder to come by and it’s causing controversy across Native America. Eagle feathers can only be possessed and distributed to federally recognized tribes, leaving members of state-recognized tribes at a loss. Are you concerned about access to eagle feathers? If it is more difficult to get feathers, how will that impact you or your tribe?

Thursday, February 19, 2015 – Pipelines
The US House of Representatives recently voted to approve the Keystone XL pipeline extension. President Obama is expected to veto the bill and cite the need for the US State Department to finish a review of the pipeline proposal. Many tribes oppose the construction of the pipeline. While debate over the KXL pipeline continues, we take a closer look at other proposed or existing pipelines in the US. According to the Association of Oil and Pipelines, the US has over 2.5 million miles of pipelines. Are pipelines a safe way to transport oil and gas? What are the alternatives to transporting oil and gas if not through a pipeline? Do you live near a pipeline? Do you support or oppose the development of additional pipelines like Keystone XL?

Friday, February 20, 2015 – Bipolar Disorder
We were all saddened by young Native actress Misty Upham’s death last year. News articles revealed that she had stopped taking medications for bipolar disorder and anxiety before she was found dead in Auburn, Washington. Bipolar disorder affects 2.6 million adults, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with bipolar disorder? What questions do you have about life after a bipolar diagnosis?

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