Monday, April 11 2016 – Do you fear the police?
The fatal police shooting of a Navajo woman in Winslow, Arizona is raising questions again about interactions with police. Officials say she threatened the officer with scissors when stopped during a shoplifting investigation. Loreal Tsingine’s family and friends are left wondering what kind of threat the 27 year old woman posed that warranted her death. Tribal leaders and others want an official inquiry to hold the police accountable for what many members of the public see as an overreaction. How are police trained to react in such situations?

Tuesday, April 12 2016 – Indigenous activists in Latin America
This week in Honduras, friends are supporters are taking time to celebrate the life of slain Indigenous environmental activist Berta Caceres. More than a month after her murder, the government has offered few details about their death. Human rights groups around the world condemn the attack and urge the Honduran government to act to protect other activists. We’ll talk about Caceres’ life and death and the plight of those speaking up for Indigenous people in Latin America.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016 – Can’t you take a joke?
An old bit by comedian Ralphie May surfaced just before his scheduled appearance in Bemidji Minnesota on the cusp of the Red Lake Reservation. It was an R-rated rant using the worst Native American stereotypes. The venue in Bemidji cancelled May’s appearance and another date in Sioux Falls is threatened. He insists it was all a joke taken out of context. He also mentions he’s an equal-opportunity comic who makes fun of everyone. How come this one touched a nerve?

Thursday, April 14, 2016 – Access to birth control
There are pills, injections and implants. But what is the real access to birth control in Native America? Do Native women face more barriers, such as social pressure, when it comes to birth control? In this show, we’ll also talk about court cases and legislation that affects access to birth control.

Friday, April 15, 2016 – The facts about taxes
The deadline for filing taxes is upon us. Now is a good time for some expert tips and tricks. People living in Indian Country have unique tax requirements. What deductions make the most sense? How about artists and other self-employed workers? And we’ll confront the prevailing myth that Natives don’t pay taxes. We have an hour and will get to as many of your questions as we can.


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