Monday, January 11 – Fighting for land
The protesters occupying the federal wildlife headquarters near Burns, Oregon say the militia stand-off is over the federal government’s control over land. We will hear from the Burns Paiute tribe about the place the militia members are using to make their point. We’ll also get a Native perspective on the history of armed showdowns with federal authorities over land use.

Tuesday, January 12 – Infrastructure of e-commerce
E-commerce experts say online enterprises offer promise for tribal economic development. People use online services every day. Think about Amazon or Netflix. But there are several hurdles that keep many tribes from cashing in. One of the key problems is the lack of broadband infrastructure. An upcoming conference aims to highlight the need for wiring reservations. We’ll explore the prospects for a high-tech infrastructure to get tribes in the fast lane of e-commerce.

Wednesday, January 13 – A bridge to healthier communities
How are Community Health Representatives creating healthier communities? The CHR program started in the 1960s to provide a bridge between medical providers and American Indian and Alaska Native patients. CHRs give rides to appointments, provide healthy lifestyle education, and offer a wide variety of other services. Is there a value to having someone in your corner advocating for your health? Have you worked with a CHR? Is Indian Country healthier now than they would be without CHRs? How is it received in your community?

Thursday, January 14 – The making of “The Revenant”
The film, The Revenant, is a gritty survival and revenge story inspired by the real life 19th Century frontiersman Hugh Glass. The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy as well as Native actors, Forrest Goodluck (DinĂ©/Mandan/Hidatsa /Tsimshian), Melaw Nakehk’o (Dehcho Dene/Denesuline) , Duane Howard (Nuu-chah-nulth) and Arthur RedCloud (Navajo). Several recent movies with Native actors have attracted discussion about their portrayals. Join us as we speak with some of the actors from the film about their experiences filming in extreme climates as well as what they think about the film.

Friday, January 15 – State of Indian Nations 2016
Child safety, education, and tribal energy are among the priorities the National Congress of American Indians listed for 2015. NCAI President Brian Cladoosby delivers the 2016 State of Indian Nations Address to provide an update on where the issues important to tribes stand. We’ll bring you the full speech and a discussion on some of the highlights. We’ll also look ahead to what people will be talking about in the coming year.


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