Monday, March 14 2016 – Glass Art in Native America
Forming glass from sand has ancient roots. But using glass in art is a relatively new medium for Native American artists. Those who work with glass turn traditional images, shapes, and ideas into sculpture that is as beautiful as it is fragile. The works take after traditional baskets, jars, totems and masks. A handful of Native American artists have mastered the process that involves forming molten glass into intricate patterns. We will talk to the artists about the joys and frustrations of working with glass to satisfy their inspiration.

Tuesday, March 15 2016 – It’s like muggles writing about wizards
Two non-Native authors are enjoying reasonable success with Native American-themed works. Jason Aaron’s comic series ‘Scalped’ is set on a fictional South Dakota reservation where tribal mobsters punish their enemies with violence the author depicts in graphic detail. His work is considered for a TV show. And renowned Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling is under fire for appropriating Native American culture in essays published for her “History of Magic in North America” series. Are you fans of any of these works? Are you disappointed when respected writers try to portray Native American culture?

Wednesday, March 16, 2016 – March Music Maker: Patrick Landeza
Hawaiian music has roots as deep as the Native Hawaiian musicians that gracefully move through the notes. This month we take the time to visit with slack key guitarist Patrick Landeza (Native Hawaiian), an award-winning artist who uses this style of music to share not only his but his family’s story. His newest album “Nahe’olu” is a melodic gift from his memories of growing up. We hope you can join us as we connect to these Native Hawaiian musical origins with our March Music Maker.

Thursday, March 17 2016 – Protecting Bears Ears
The nearly two million acres in southeastern Utah is so important that five tribes are proposing an unprecedented collaboration with the federal government. The coalition wants President Barack Obama to establish the Bears Ears National Monument. A proposal in the Utah legislature would pre-empt that effort. We will get an update on the effort to protect Bears Ears. We’ll also discuss the implications of national monument status.

Friday, March 18 2016 – Native HIV/AIDS Awareness
“Hear Indigenous Voices: Uniting the Bold Voices of American Indians, Alaska Natives and Native Hawaiians.” That’s this year’s theme for National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (which is on March 20). We’ll talk with advocates to hear how they are using their voices to prevent Native Americans from getting HIV. We’ll also hear about the latest ideas for supporting those who already have it. Is it difficult to discuss HIV and AIDS in your Native community?


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