Monday, March 21 2016 – Carbon Credits in Native America
Can you buy forgiveness for environmental damage? Carbon credits offer opportunities for companies and even individuals to balance out their greenhouse gas emissions by paying another entity that promises to lower emissions. Some tribes think selling carbon credits might be an economic opportunity as well as a way to protect resources.

Tuesday, March 22 2016 – Christianity and tradition
Christianity in Native America has a complicated history. Early Christian missionaries discouraged traditional religious and spiritual practices within the tribes. But today many Native Americans adhere to a variety of Christian denominations including Catholic, Mormon, and Southern Baptist. They sometimes merge traditional spiritual practices with longstanding Christian beliefs. Can you practice both?

Wednesday, March 23 2016 – Breaking a Leg: Native Theater
All the world’s a stage-and some stages are used to showcase Native American stories and talent. Whether it’s drama or comedy, classic or avant garde, Native-centered theater is reaching more and more audiences. What makes theater Native? What are the audiences saying? Is it difficult to find Native actors?

Thursday, March 24 2016 – The inevitability of menopause
It’s unavoidable. Women in their 40s and 50s face a whole slew of physical changes ranging from hot flashes to mood swings. What should Native American women know about menopause and how can they prepare for it? What potential health complications should they discuss with their doctors?

Friday, March 25 2016 – March in news
The presidential race keeps surprising us with each passing week as a flamboyant mogul with no political experience continues his march his way to the GOP nomination. Also, the outgoing president of the United States meets with the incoming prime minister of Canada and both have high regard in Indian Country. We catch up on all the top news stories from Native America.

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